Yarrabee Helping Youths

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Andre Moore and Sergeant Will Lathrope are pleased the young people enjoy the drop-in program, Big Feat Basketball training experience.

Yarrabee Coal is thrilled to announce a three-year partnership with Blackwater PCYC, helping enhance its youth programs and offer more sports and recreational activities to improve youth development in the area.

The agreement will see Yarrabee Coal donate $90,000 over three years. The funding will upgrade Youth Space, a safe area for young people to hang out with friends, play basketball, complete homework and socalise.

The financial assistance will also fund a new Activity Assistant position who will work on supporting local youth who are experiencing social issues. This role will be dedicated to developing the skills, confidence and leadership of the young people in Blackwater.

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Sergeant Will Lathrope, Youth Club Manager, PCYC Blackwater, was thrilled to be partnering with the local miner.

“We aim to have influence on the lives of young people in our community. We want to get them active by participating in physical exercise, creative arts and experiential learning activities.

“Research suggests that children who are active tend to be healthier, build stronger bones and muscles, and have reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“With this in mind, we strongly believe by having the doors open to Youth Space, we are helping decrease and prevent crime by and against young people in our community.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with Yarrabee Coal for three years. Over this time, we plan to enhance our services and ensure we continue to offer a safe environment for young people to spend time, learn and have good old fashion fun.

“Yarrabee Coal Mine is a huge supporter of youth development, and we couldn’t offer all this without them,” said Will.

PCYC Blackwater aims to unite the local community through a range of activities. With the goal of improving early stages development, and offering a range of youth and community activities, including Basketball After Dark, Blue Edge and Youth Space.

Yarrabee Youth Space is available for kids 10 years old and over and is open each Thursday from 3pm – 4pm. Kids can go and hang out, chat, play sport and experience a positive community connection. It is fitted out with a TV, gaming equipment and lounges, and was designed to address to the needs of the youth in Blackwater.

Acting Operations Manager Yarrabee Coal, Aaron Daniel, was pleased to have signed a three-year partnership.

“The Blackwater PCYC is an important facility in our community, which offers a vital service for the youth in our community.

“A dedicated space where young people can visit and feel physically and emotionally safe is important for youth, it provides a break between school and home.

“We know the PCYC rely heavily on community donations and assistance, so we are delighted we can help fund Youth Space for the kids in Blackwater to enjoy,” said Aaron.

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