The Mower Man

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Claude “The Mower Man” Harvey, a passionate Gold Coast charity campaigner, has been making a profound impact on the lives of child sexual assault survivors for over a decade.

With his trusty lawnmower by his side, Claude has become a familiar sight on streets and highways across Australia. His unwavering dedication to raising awareness and funds for the Bravehearts Foundation has earned him the admiration of communities nationwide.

Born in Kempsey, NSW in 1945, Claude’s journey as a brave advocate was motivated by the harrowing experiences of his two young grandchildren, who became victims of sexual assault, Claude vowed to see change and make a difference.

He became an active and dedicated volunteer for Bravehearts, an organisation focused on supporting survivors of child sexual assault. He is particularly passionate about supporting Braveheart’s initiative to teach children about personal safety.

Claude has embarked on extensive journeys across Australian states, pushing his lawnmower through streets, pubs, beaches, and tourist strips. He has traversed the country, including a memorable crossing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, accompanied by a helicopter above and the Prime Minister awaiting his arrival at Martins Place with the Sunrise crew.

When asked about the duration of his remarkable journey, Claude proudly replied, “I’ve been on the road for 13 years. I’ve done every state, including Tasmania.”

Throughout his tireless efforts, Claude has managed to raise $1.7 million for the Bravehearts Foundation. An outstanding achievement that he never expected.

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“I didn’t think I’d raise anywhere near as much as I have. The first time I did a walk on the Gold Coast, everybody looked at me weirdly, nobody gave a donation except one person, and that was 35 cents,” said Claude.

Despite facing close calls on the roads and occasional threats, Claude remains resolute in his mission. While some people have reacted negatively, he focuses on the overwhelming support and warmth he receives from communities during his travels.

“I really enjoy the people out in regional towns. They’re amazing,” Claude shared.

Recently, Claude embarked on a journey from Charleville to Cairns, passing through the coal mining regions of Emerald, Dysart, Moranbah, and Clermont. It was another opportunity for him to engage with locals, spreading awareness about child sexual assault and raising funds for Bravehearts.

The inspiration behind Claude’s unwavering commitment comes from his late wife, who urged him to continue his mission even in her absence.

“My wife, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer on the 24th of January this year and passed away on the 13th of April,” Claude revealed. “She said to me, Claude, keep doing what you do for the children.”

Looking ahead, Claude is gearing up for his upcoming challenge of walking the entire 120km length of the Gold Coast, from the NSW border to the other end. With his goal of reaching $2 million in donations by the end of 2025, Claude’s determination knows no bounds and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“The intention is to do this for the rest of my life.”

Follow along with Claude’s inspiring journey and stay updated on his fundraising campaign: Facebook ClaudeTheMowerMan. Or donate to his worthy cause at:

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