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Vulcan Mackay

Vulcan Mackay’s brand new premises are bigger, better, safer, and of course, as tough as steel!

Tell us about the journey that got the business to where it is today.

Vulcan Mackay was first opened back in 2004 under the name of Interlloy. There were three staff at the time, the premises had one saw, one crane and no racking. Vulcan acquired the business in 2018. Fast forward to 2024 and we now employ 14 people on this site. We have five saws, five cranes, one local delivery truck, a long haul semi on the way, plus state of the art racking solutions designed for safe and efficient storage of stainless steel and engineering steel.

What does this milestone mean for the business?

The new site provides an improved level of safe working on site as well as a new, spacious and comfortable working environment for all our team. We are able to store 50% more products, which will deliver an improved level of service to our ever increasing customer base.

How will these premises improve your capability?

We are able to carry many new product lines locally. Up until recently we have had to transport product on a regular basis from Brisbane and Townsville. Being a local option for our customers who are often working with very short lead time requirements, we anticipate further growth in our customer base. We have been able to invest in a brand new 9t delivery vehicle to further enhance our service offering to Mackay industry and surrounds.

Did you ever think starting out that you would be here?

We have a very ambitious team and our attitude is to always grow and improve on our previous best. Although we couldn’t picture what it would look like we always knew that what we were doing and our unrivalled customer service would be rewarded with a level of business that could not be sustained in our old building – it served us well however we knew that we would have to invest in bigger premises to continue our ongoing growth.

Now you’ve ticked this goal off the list, what’s next?

We want to continue to improve our onsite efficiency and invest in new equipment including saws and trucks. We have a second site in Mackay servicing the aluminium industry and we would love to see them outgrow their facility and open another state of the art facility for Vulcan in Mackay!

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