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Anne Meehan, Coalface

In the tapestry of the Isaac region community, Anne Meehan stands as a vital thread that binds the community’s fabric with unwavering strength and commitment.

For over forty years, Anne’s journey through the heartlands of Central Queensland has been less about the path travelled and more about the lives she’s touched, the initiatives she’s spearheaded, and the profound legacy she’s building.

Reflecting on her motivation to dive into helping her community, Anne recalls the early challenge that sparked her lifelong commitment.

“Moving to Tieri in 1982 with four children and no daycare options propelled me into community development. Urged by a friend, I pursued a BA in Social Welfare externally, marking the start of my career in this sector.

“My passion grew as I engaged with the unique dynamics of our mining communities across the Bowen Basin, inspiring me to dedicate over 40 years to enriching these communities.

“I focused on the Community Development (CD) model, which emphasises empowering community members to identify their own needs and solutions, fostering active participation, and leveraging local expertise and skills. This approach has enabled individuals to take an active role in their development, enhancing the quality of life and creating opportunities through both volunteer and working lives.”

Through her roles, Anne has left enduring marks across the Isaac region, turning challenges into milestones with her visionary leadership and relentless optimism.

“My time in the Isaac Region has been as a Community Development Officer/Neighbourhood Centre Worker with Moranbah & District Support Service and for the last 3 years as the CTM Links Community Development Officer in Middlemount. I was also employed as a Drought Support worker with Centacare in Emerald and worked across the Central Highlands, Isaac and Longreach Local Governments.”

Anne pioneered the construction of the Moranbah Youth and Community Centre to assist communities suffering from drought, where she witnessed remarkable resilience among families facing significant challenges. Yet Anne’s humility shines brightest when discussing her achievements.

Anne Meehan, Coalface

“Identifying my most significant contributions is challenging, as the essence of community development often means working behind the scenes. However, revitalising CTM Links into a respected service, overcoming funding and facility challenges, and engaging at forums like the Premier’s and Cabinet to advocate for Middlemount’s needs have been key. Organising events like the Middlemount Christmas Carnival and Men’s Health Week Dinner, along with Professional Development Workshops, have directly benefitted the community. Having people that you have assisted share how they have been able to get their life back on track, always makes it seem worthwhile.

“Those familiar with my work know my passion for International Women’s Day, I’ve been deeply involved in Middlemount’s celebrations for the past seven years. My collaboration with the Isaac Regional Council in Moranbah led to an IWD Luncheon attended by over 130 people, and I’ve also facilitated celebrations in Cloncurry and Cooktown.”

At the heart of Anne’s philosophy lies a commitment to mentorship and leadership and a belief in fostering an environment where potential can flourish.

“Living and working in the Isaac region has shown me the incredible opportunities small communities offer to create the life you envision. A friend once told me, ‘Get your piece of paper (qualifications) to make an impact on your life and that of the community,’ reminding me that it’s never too late to learn or make a difference.

“My message is simple, embrace the opportunities to contribute, whether through volunteering or supporting community projects. If you see a need, rally like-minded individuals and take action. Don’t be discouraged, your efforts are the backbone of our communities.”

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