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Moranbah Smart Pups

The Moranbah Community Workers Club has partnered with Smart Pups to sponsor a puppy who will become a specially trained assistance dog for a young boy in Dysart named Elijah. It’s a long-term commitment for the Club as training the pup will take about 18 months.

As part of the sponsorship deal, the Club had the privilege of giving the puppy a name. To pick the name, they created an online poll and more than 250 people decided on Chips. ‘Chips’ was the nickname of the previous club President Basil Ashe and everyone thinks it is a fitting memorial. Chips was dedicated to the club and put in many hours to ensure its ongoing success.

“We believe these same qualities of commitment and resilience will be instilled in our sponsored puppy as he progresses through his training,” said Ash Dowd, Moranbah Community Workers Club Manager.

Smart Pups can assist with complex conditions such as autism, epilepsy and diabetes, as well as other mobility issues that Smart Pups specialise in. Assistance dogs like Chips can be lifesavers, providing not just companionship but also enhancing safety, offering emotional support, and even performing medical alerts for seizures or diabetic lows.

The club’s contribution goes toward a comprehensive program where dogs are trained to guide children through their daily routines, helping provide a sense of normalcy in social settings, and act as a guardian in medical scenarios. This level of assistance is transformative, fostering independence for those like Elijah.

“By lending our support to this program we’re helping to provide Elijah with not just a service animal, but a companion that will play a pivotal role in enhancing his life,” said Ash.

“It’s about giving him the independence and happiness every child deserves, while also offering the safety net of an ever-present, vigilant friend.”

Chips will join a lineage of Smart Pups that have been instrumental in breaking down barriers for children with special needs, assisting them in reaching their full potential. But it all comes at a cost, to train and care for a Smart Pup to become a certified assistance dog, it can cost up to $50,000 and the process takes between 12-18 months.

Families of recipients are tasked with raising half of the training costs, while the remaining funds come from donations and sponsorships like that from the Moranbah Community Workers Club.

Smart Pups operates on the principle that every child facing serious challenges deserves support. The organisation’s work goes beyond placing a dog, it’s about creating lasting partnerships that enrich lives.

Every donation helps train dogs like Chips and ensures that more children with special needs experience the life-changing benefits of a Smart Pup and the community’s support is crucial in this endeavour. By contributing, whether financially or through raising awareness, it helps ensure that Smart Pups can continue their mission.

“Each contribution, big or small, contributes significantly to a network of support that profoundly affects lives,” said Ash.

To get involved, to learn more about the support for Elijah, or to contribute to the training of dogs like Chips go to

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