Forget lumpy milk, try humpy milk!

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Camels are often misunderstood to be cranky creatures. Before visiting Camel Milk NSW’s Denman Road Farm, my Mum even told me not to get too close to the camels, saying that they kick and spit. But she couldn’t have been more wrong, as the camels I met were incredibly relaxed and gentle creatures.

By Meredith Blair

“Camels are often misunderstood to be cranky and people think that they spit at you when they’re angry but they’re very intelligent animals and are great to work with,” owner Michelle Phillips said.

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Camel Milk NSW was established in 2014, when Michelle rescued 11 camels from slaughter in Central Australia, bringing them to her property in Muswellbrook.

“Even though it was daunting and challenging at first to teach them, it’s been incredibly rewarding to train them and put them into working conditions. Once they know what they’re doing though, they’re amazing,” Michelle said.

On a sunny Friday morning I had the privilege of going on a tour of the farm, where I got the unique experience of camels eating feed straight off my lap and even got to try some of the camel milk which I can best describe as tasting like cow milk’s cousin.

Tours of the farm typically take one hour where a wagon is hooked up to the farm’s tractor and driven around the farm and visitors are told about the history of Camel Milk NSW and can get up close and personal with the camels, including the farm’s star stud bull Huey.

“It’s really a unique experience and I don’t know anywhere else where you can get so close to these animals that have come straight out of the bush,” Michelle said.

Through Camel Milk NSW, Michelle educates people about the benefits of camels including the health benefits of their milk and their role as natural weed control and hopes to prevent the cruel culling of camels.

Visitors also get the opportunity to try the farm’s camel milk and buy from their variety of camel milk products including the milk itself, soaps, and lip balm.

If you need help with navigation, make sure to put 1618 Denman Road, Denman into your Google Maps to ensure you make it to the property’s Piercefield gates, as putting 1618 Denman Road, Muswellbrook may get you a bit lost further down the road like I was.

Tours can be booked for any day and can be accommodated to any size group with adults costing $25, children costing $15 and children 3 or under being free.

Get in touch with Michelle on 0408 677 741 to arrange a tour.

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