Linger a while, at the Linga Longer Inn

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If you’re heading up to Barrington Tops this Winter to see the snow via the New England Highway, you might find yourself passing through the tiny settlement of Gundy.

Gundy was first established in 1826 and was originally known as the village of Bellevue. The settlement was finally renamed Gundy in honour of Mrs. Gundy who ran an inn further along the road. Although there is some debate to this theory.

Gundy, with its population of less than 200, sits on the Pages River and is about 20 minutes from Glenbawn Dam. The settlement is surrounded by horse studs and rolling hills, giving the town a peaceful ambience of the countryside.

Whether you’re passing through or are local to Gundy, a must visit destination is the Linga Longa Inn. Which is in fact, the only pub in town. A popular haunt for both locals and the people who work on the surrounding horse studs, the Inn offers both indoor and outdoor dining and of course drinks for that hard earned thirst.

Next door to the Linga Longa Inn you will find the only other retail business in town which is the Gundy General Store which offers tasty takeaway food, a range of groceries and Bric a Brac, and is incidentally the last fuel stop before Barrington Tops. So while you’re topping up on the grub, don’t forget to top up the tank.

On our visit to Gundy, we called into the inn and escaped the cold touch of winter into the warm embrace of the crackling fireplace that was lit next to the bar. We ordered a hot chocolate to warm us up as we looked over the menu for a feed.

For entrée we ordered the Classic Bruschetta, which was three toasted pieces of sourdough, each covered in a mound of feta cheese, Spanish onions, vine ripened tomato and basil, then topped with shaved parmesan cheese and drizzled with balsamic glaze.

For mains my partner ordered the Chicken Gundy Nachos, a basket of corn chips, covered in melted cheese, chicken, tomato salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.

For myself I went with the BBQ Beef & Bacon Burger, beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, smokey BBQ sauce, Mum’s beetroot chutney and served with a side of chips.

ATCF 38 Food 2

While dining we learnt about another great feature of Gundy, the Gundy Mountain Bike Trails off Merrimuka Road. The bike trails offer different trails that have 4 levels of difficulty from very easy to intermediate and three of the trails lead to a lookout. If you’re hitting the trails, make sure you take plenty of water and rest if you need to, so you don’t get too tired. (Get it?)

If like us, your bellies are too full to contemplate the trails, across the road from the inn and the store is a children’s playground which is great place to stretch out and enjoy some winter sunshine as the kids play after a long drive in the car. Something appreciated by not just the kids but, by the parents who simply cannot take one more, “Are we there yet?”

So, if you’re looking for a great place to fuel and rest up on your way to the Barrington Tops, or you’re a mountain bike enthusiast, call into Gundy and visit the Linga Longa Inn where you might care to linger a while and enjoy the view.

Because of the Inn’s popularity with locals and travellers alike, it is recommended to book if you’re coming in a big group or to ensure a table or 02 6545 8121.

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