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Mackay Men's Shed

This month the Complete Parts and @ The Coalface $500 Community Gift goes to the Mackay Men’s Shed, building the community, one project at a time.

The Mackay Men’s Shed Inc. was founded in early 2022 by a group of retired men and has become a cornerstone for those seeking, mateship, purpose, and a sense of belonging.

Noel Senini, Mackay Men’s Shed President, said the inception of the Shed was driven by a shared vision to create a welcoming space for all men, stepping away from traditional models to establish an independent, diverse, and inclusive community.

“We had all experienced the positive mental health benefits of being part of a local Men’s Shed, we wanted to build our own independent, diverse, and inclusive shed community.

“We cater for all, with retired workers from the mining industry, sugar industry and ex-service men among our ranks. Our objective is to provide a safe and supportive place for all men.”

Central to the Shed’s mission is the promotion of well-being, learning, and brotherhood.

Members participate in a range of projects, including woodworking, making children’s toys and refurbishing valued furniture for the community which reflects a commitment to meaningful involvement.

Beyond the tangible outcomes of their labour lies the true heart of the Shed’s work, creating a sanctuary where men can share stories, support each other through life’s challenges, and find solace in the company of peers.

Mackay Men’s Shed Secretary, Ron Simon, shared a poignant testimony to the impact of the Shed.

“One of our members told us that joining our Men’s Shed saved his life.”

For some, like the member who found comfort in the Shed while grieving his wife, it has been a sanctuary where the act of restoring an old chair among friends provided a way to navigate his loss.

Mackay Men's Shed

Despite the profound positive influence of the Mackay Men’s Shed, the journey is not without its challenges. Operating as an independent charity, the Shed relies heavily on community support to sustain its activities. The financial hurdles are significant, with essential expenses such as rent, utilities, and materials demanding substantial resources.

“Our membership fees equate to approximately 10% of our income,” Ron revealed, emphasising the constant struggle to keep the Shed accessible to all who may benefit from its offerings.

To ensure the continued success and growth of the Mackay Men’s Shed, community support is crucial. Individuals, local businesses, and organisations are encouraged to contribute.

As this story of resilience, unity, and community support unfolds, it invites us all to play a part in nurturing the Mackay Men’s Shed. Whether by contributing resources, sharing their story, or offering a helping hand, every gesture of support strengthens the foundation of this vital community asset. In the words of Noel and Ron, the Shed is more than a place for woodworking and crafts, it’s a lifeline for men seeking connection.

For more information on how to support through donations of materials, sponsorship or volunteer opportunities, please contact the Shed directly at or visit their Facebook page.

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