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Moranbah Black Duck Rae Day

The Moranbah community came together on March 17 for the inaugural Black Duck Rae Day, commemorating Rae Linda Gosley, who succumbed to cancer in March 2023.

Norm Gosley, Rae’s husband, organised the event to celebrate her life and to fundraise for local cancer patient support.

“I just want everyone to remember Rae as she was before she got sick. The person who enjoyed a laugh, loved to cook, have a few drinks and brought joy to those around her.”

Norm extended thanks to the community for their overwhelming support. It exceeded expectations, demonstrating the high regard in which Rae was held.

“My family, friends, and so many local businesses played a crucial role in making the day a success. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated.

“The support for the Black Duck Rae Day was beyond what I imagined. From fly-in fly-out workers to long-term residents, everyone came together to support the cause. It’s a reflection of Rae’s standing in the community and the spirit of Moranbah.”

Moranbah Black Duck Rae Day
Rae and Norm.

An especially proud moment for Norm was when the “No Norms” team, led by his children and partners, won the inaugural shield. Another special moment occurred when a local nurse shared a memory of Rae, illustrating her empathy and the connections she made.

“Rae connected deeply with people. Her concern for others, even when facing her own battles, was remarkable,” said Norm.

Rae’s influence in Moranbah, particularly through her 12-year tenure at the Moranbah Bowls Club, was significant.

“Rae was a familiar face to many, known for her generosity and community spirit. She managed the Moranbah Bowls Club through challenging times, making a lasting impact.”

The Black Duck Rae Day not only raised awareness and funds for cancer patients but also celebrated Rae’s legacy. Norm fulfilled his promise to Rae, bringing the community together in her memory.

“We chose the Bowls Club for this event, a place that was significant to Rae and me. This day was about honouring her memory and the difference she made.”

Black Duck Rae Day is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on many. And if you were wondering why she was called the Black Duck, Norm shares the story.

“When she worked as the Manager at the Bowls Club she had a plastic black duck on a shelf above the fridges. Around the black duck’s neck was a message reading “nobody upsets this little black duck” so that’s where she got the name Black Duck or Ducky. Nothing much upset Rae Linda, she never let anyone diminish her joy!”

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