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Glencore CHPP

Glencore’s Mangoola CHPP have added another year to an already massive milestone, now reaching 13 years of operating without a single Lost Time Injury (LTI).

“Champions Do Extra” is the motto of Mangoola CHPP, the words proudly displayed on a sign as you enter site. More than just words, the motto is embedded in every job undertaken and forms the base of the positive safety culture that has been built over the years.

CHPP’s are challenging environments to work in, with intensive operations and maintenance works, which makes 13 years without an LTI even more remarkable.

Jason Barry, Mangoola CHPP Superintendent, said that it takes the collective effort of all to make sure safety is always the first priority and this milestone is a credit to every single person who walks through the gates.

“The CHPP has 43 permanent employees, but we also have contractor partners for general maintenance and shutdown works. At times this might entail an additional 140 people working onsite. This feat is not just a credit to our employees, but to everyone who work works here.”

Jason said a big part of the CHPP’s safety culture was based on empowering every person, whether an employee or contractor, to take ownership of their own safety as well as the safety of those around them.

“We encourage people to take responsibility and to speak up or stop work if they have any concerns. Glencore’s SafeWork framework is strengthened by our NO PLAN NO WORK process, which influences mindsets, behaviours and empowers everyone to take ownership to make the right choices.

“We are very proud of our safety culture. From having the right mindset, to having visual leadership that is in the field and approachable, to making sure everyone has access to the right tools, resources and equipment. This has all helped to create an environment where safe work is our priority.

“However, you can’t have a great safety culture without the people who make it great. I would like to thank every single employee and our contractor partners for their efforts in helping to achieve this milestone. It’s a result of their commitment and dedication.

“I’ve been in the industry for 37 years and I have never seen a LTI free number close to this. In fact, it’s a significant number for any industry.

“While it’s great to be acknowledged for this achievement, it’s not what drives us. What drives us is making sure that at the end of the day everyone goes home safely to their families.”

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