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State of Unity



Amidst the buzz and excitement of the highly anticipated second State of Origin, there was a heart-warming story that captured the hearts of Central Queenslanders. Former NRL legend PJ Marsh and his mates at Glencore’s Rolleston Open Cut coal mine came together to show the true spirit of mateship and generosity.

PJ, renowned for his impressive NRL career and Queensland State of Origin appearances, is part of the close-knit crew at Rolleston Open Cut. This group of miners have built a strong bond of mateship and support that extends beyond the workplace.

Not long ago, PJ learned about a workmate’s son facing a rare brain condition and a range of complex medical challenges since birth, including Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia. Without hesitation, he selflessly donated his treasured Queensland State of Origin jersey to raise funds for the family. The jersey became the centrepiece of an onsite fundraising event.

At the event, PJ’s mate Sam stepped up to make the winning bid for the jersey. But it wasn’t just about the money, it was about the heartfelt support and the strength of the local community coming together in times of need.

“I’ve worked in the mining industry for 15 years and the mateship we have at Rolleston Open Cut is like no other,” said Sam.

“We’re a tight-knit bunch and when we heard about the Dig For Brody fundraiser, we knew we had to do something meaningful.

“The Dig For Brody fundraiser, along with previous initiatives, has brought the mine workers together to raise nearly a hundred thousand dollars. It’s a testament to the power of a positive mine site culture and the genuine care the Rolleston Open Cut crew have for their own.”

PJ’s gesture and the support of his mates at Rolleston Open Cut touched the entire community. It served as a reminder that compassion and kindness could transcend the boundaries of sports and work.

“To hear this family’s story – no one will ever understand what they been through,” PJ said, recounting the moment he decided to get involved.

“I was asked if I could donate some clothing from the brand I own for a fundraiser being held onsite. I thought, I can do better than that. I’ve got something special that will get good money.

“This is my area, Central Queensland. I’m happy to do it. It’s a passion of mine to help people.”

Glencore is proud of the Rolleston Open Cut crew for their support and community spirit. Their desire to make a difference in a little boy’s life, a boy facing a rare brain condition and a lifetime of challenges, has left a lasting impact on the entire community and his family.

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