New South Wales May 2023



This month @ The Coalface were privileged to meet some truly inspiring people and we discovered a common thread in their stories. No matter where life takes you, never stop chasing what makes you happy.

We were blown away by Clayton Denny’s story and his openness in sharing such a traumatic time in his life. With a positive mindset he turned a time of adversity into an opportunity to discover what truly makes him happy. We could all learn a lesson from him.

Michelle Lawson doesn’t just inspire people; she helps lift them up too. For years she has been involved in promoting and supporting women in the mining industry. Now, through her art, she’s inspiring and lifting up people from all over the world.

Our Community Champion this month is Lynda Posa. Though reluctant to be called a community champion, Lynda is one of those people that always puts her hand up to help her community. She does it not for the recognition, but because contributing to her community makes her happy. That’s a champion in our books.

Clayton’s, Michelle’s and Lynda’s stories are just a few of the countless inspiring stories that we hear about. Though it can be a hard job convincing unassuming champions to let us tell their stories, you can count on us having more next month.

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