Up, Up and Away

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People travel tens of thousands of kilometers to see one of the planet’s most famous tourist attractions that is the Great Barrier Reef. For me? Nah, it was just a short trip up the road. For most reading this, it’s the same for you.

One quiet Saturday this month, I woke up feeling a little bored and looking for something to do. Bored is not really a feeling one has to endure in North Queensland, especially if you live and work in one of the many towns in the top side of the Bowen Basin.

The Whitsunday’s, with all its beaches, islands, and the world’s most famous coral reefs has plenty to offer. A few minutes consulting with Doctor Google on Whitsunday remedies for the blues and I found the perfect prescription for a bit of everything. A one hour flight taking a bit of all of it in, in stunning style and comfort – pretty reasonably priced as well!

GSL Aviation run daily, sometimes hourly flights out of Prossy Airport and beyond to one of the great natural wonders of the world and surrounding islands.

What a friendly bunch they are, and what a great way to spend the day. The ground crew are ‘next door neighbour friendly’ – if you have awesome neighbours that is – and our Pilot Steve was ‘Can I grab you a beer mate?’ awesome. Fortunately I don’t think he drinks on the job. What he does do though is fly a plane like Top Gun while also being an expert at keeping any jittery fellow passengers calm. All while entertaining and informing us about all the sights along the way.

The reputation of this part of the world is much more than well deserved. It’s breathtaking.

As we climbed out of Proserpine the landscape and seascape were scarcely believable. If you think they touch up the pictures in travel brochures, you are wrong. How blue can water be. Then there’s the islands. It’s as though God himself said, “Ok, let’s put the world’s best playground right here”.

QATCF 34.1 Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island

For all its significant development, Hamilton Island looks every bit the stunning paradise that it is. Surrounding islands are equally beautiful and from above you get a sneak peek into the backyards of the rich, famous and extremely lucky.

Over more islands and reefs we floated above the spectacular carpet of blue water before we swept in along into Whitehaven Beach. Man! Steve knows exactly what he’s doing with that plane, and the approach and skill ensured everyone got exactly what they were paying for and much more. He did it twice so everyone got a healthy dose of Whitehaven magic.

QATCF 34.1 Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach

Then it was off to what is unchallenged as the most seen piece of coral on the planet, Heart Reef, and now I’ve seen it with my own peepers. WOWSERS! Spectacularly amazing!

QATCF 34.1 Heart Reef
Heart Reef

Then it was Prossy bound again with a side dish sweep past Hayman Island – I’m definitely going there, what a beautiful place. A quick wave to Airlie Beach before we back on the ground again after experiencing an hour that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

QATCF 34.1 Hayman Island
Hayman Island

Check your calendars girls and boys, pick up the phone, call GSL Aviation and let Steve take you Up, Up And Away!

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