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2024 will see the return of the much-anticipated Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) at Mackay Showgrounds on 23-25 July 2024. We caught up with QME Exhibition Director Samantha Martin to get a sneak preview into what we can expect from the event this July.

So what can everyone look forward to at QME this year?

This year’s QME is on track to be the largest in over a decade and I am so excited for this edition! You will have the opportunity to see over 300 suppliers showcasing the latest in equipment (and by equipment, I mean some REALLY big equipment), the latest in technology from autonomous haulage systems, to augmented reality in mining operations, a new focus on decarbonisation and renewable energy technology as well as your suppliers showcasing the latest tools, safety, wear parts, consumables and so much more!

You mentioned BIG equipment can you tell us anymore?

I don’t think there has ever been this much equipment at QME. It is going to be operational Tetris to get these pieces all in. And while I would love to tell you everything we have coming, I have been sworn to secrecy for the moment as there are some new things being unveiled at QME. What I can say is you will see some impressive things from Hastings Deering, Komatsu and Hitachi.

Is there anything else at QME that people can see and do?

QME 2024 is jam packed full of things to see and do! Alongside the 250 suppliers, QME will host our seminar series which has been sponsored by Komatsu. You will have the chance to hear from leaders from mining companies, consultancy groups, and leading suppliers. I have even been told there will be some ministerial attendance which given that is an election year will create some interesting discussions.

We also have the largest line up of mining companies and contractors exhibiting at QME this year. You will see Anglo American, BHP and BMA, Bravus, Glencore, MacKellar Group and Whitehaven Coal. These companies are eager to talk about their job vacancies, engage with the suppliers at the exhibition, and speak to the industry face to face.

You also need to block out the evening of 23 & 24 July for networking. We have the QME Opening Party sponsored by Hastings Deering, and it will be held on Tuesday 23 July onsite at QME from about 5:00pm. It’s a great way to catch up with people you know from the industry as I am sure there has been a few shirt changes since the last event. On Wednesday 24 July, we have the Queensland Mining Awards which is like the Oscars for the Queensland mining industry. It is organised by the Bowen Basin Mining Club in partnership with the Queensland Resources Council and it is a celebration of mining excellence across Queensland.

Why should people come to QME and where do they find out more information?

There is no other event where you will see this much equipment next to this many suppliers! You can reconnect with your current suppliers or find new ones; you get the opportunity to hear directly from some of the smartest people in the industry, and better yet you get to make connections with so many people over the 3 days.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the tools, driving the trucks, or managing site. QME has something for everyone in the mining sector.

Mark the dates in your calendar now and head over to www.qmeexpo.com.au to find out more information on visiting and exhibiting.

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