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Moranbah and Dysart’s Smart Transformation Advisory Councils have celebrated their 21st meeting with cake and recognition of their major achievements over the past four years.

The community-based Advisory Council members volunteer their time to drive Smart Transformation and give direction, advice and support on various projects and issues of importance to the futures of Dysart and Moranbah.

Community projects are chosen by the members and have included the construction of new mobile digital connectivity towers in both towns, a major campaign to attract more childcare workers, and numerous initiatives aimed at improving skills and training options for local high school students, supported by BMA.

Moranbah businesswoman and Advisory Council member Melissa Westcott said Smart Transformation’s work has been truly invaluable to the people of Moranbah.

“Being future-focused and looking for sustainable solutions for the community – not quick fixes – has been at the centre of the work Smart Transformation has done,” Melissa said.

“This work is not only valuable today, but also in the future. It’s important that we are on the front foot as a community, with the technological changes that are knocking on the door.

“We need to ensure that our kids have options and opportunities, and that our community is here for generations to come.”

Other current projects include understanding issues affecting housing affordability and availability, and an Innovative Futures report looking at new economic opportunities in the region.

One of the most popular Smart Transformation projects has been the Attraction and Retention Project, involving the production of two very popular YouTube videos promoting the relaxed and enviable lifestyles available in Dysart and Moranbah.

QATCF 28.1 Dysart

The Moranbah video, ‘Discover Moranbah’, has been used by local businesses and government agencies to attract more staff, receiving over 15,000 views, while the Dysart video, titled ‘Discover Dysart’, has been watched over 11,000 times.

Dysart librarian and Advisory Council member Jacky Smith said Smart Transformation’s work has clearly been a boost for Dysart.

“It’s important for the future, and for people who live here now to tell their relatives and friends who are thinking of moving here – that we are working to future-proof Dysart and make our community stronger,” Jacky said.

“We can’t and won’t give up on Dysart. We need to keep focusing on our projects and we need more group events and community workshops so we can all work together on planning a stronger, better future for our town.”

In 2024, Smart Transformation will kick off a new major project for Moranbah – the Volunteer Project – aimed at increasing the number of volunteers putting up their hands to assist community groups across the town.

Melissa agrees there’s still much work to be done.

“We are prioritising many new economic opportunities and there is still lots to do, but when you look back over the past four years it is exciting to see how far we’ve come and what’s in front,” she said.

For more information about the full range of community projects for Moranbah Dysart, check out the Smart Transformation website: and click on the ‘Projects’ tab.

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