Training Wheels

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MGO Health & Safety Coordinator Mick Phillips, MGO Operations Manager Chris Gerard, Mines Rescue Regional Manager Matthew Enright, with members of the MGO First Response team and Mines Rescue personnel.

The aim of Mines Rescue training is to simulate rescue situations as life-like as possible.

The donation of a Toyota Landcruiser by Glencore’s Mt Owen Complex (MGO) will do exactly that, and so it was fitting that it was the mine’s own rescue members who were the first to put the training to the test.

ATCF 11.2 MGO 2

Mines Rescue Regional Manager Matthew Enright said the vehicle will allow crews to train using the same vehicle they may encounter on site in a rescue situation.

“We have vehicles here, but they are not made to mine specifications and now we have a vehicle fitted with the role cage bar, barriers in the seats, even down to the headrests that rescue crews would encounter on site,” Matthew said.

“In reality, the crews’ role would be to provide first aid and stabilise the patients until the paramedics arrive, and in some cases help the paramedics to get the patients out, so it will be a very valuable piece of training equipment,” he said.

MGO Health & Safety Coordinator Mick Phillips said the donation was something MGO and the broader community would benefit greatly from.

“Realistic training scenarios are the best way to prepare for an emergency, and we’re proud to support Mines Rescue in facilitating this vital training,” Mick said.

“It is a payback for us, our first responders will definitely benefit from having access to the vehicle for training purposes.”

It is the first time the Singleton based station has had a mine specific vehicle to use for simulated rescues and is certainly a much appreciated donation that will benefit all members of mines rescue crews.

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