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Tell us about the business.

Ezy Group is a locally owned business founded by Derek and Sylvia Davis that originally began as Ezy Vehicle Rentals. It has since evolved into four integrated companies offering vehicle rentals, mechanical services, towing, and signage. Committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and community involvement, the Ezy Group continues its mission to make everything “EZY” for its valued clients across its diverse services. I am Paul Barfield and have been the GM of Ezy Group since early 2019 and just recently became the group’s CEO.

How long have you been doing business?

Derek and Sylvia started Ezy in 2006. Shortly after Ezy Vehicle Rentals started, Derek opened a workshop to service his fleet and Ezy Mechanical was born. Shortly after that, Ezy Signs Solutions started in Paget. Our Mine Compliance Centre was created in April 2022 and Ezy Group was born. Ezy Group today services Mackay, Moranbah and Emerald.

How many people work for the business?

Derek and Sylvia started the business with just three hire vehicles and three staff members and have grown the business to over 400 vehicles and employ 55 staff.

Describe a typical day at ‘The office’.

A typical day in my life at the office will be getting around to all my staff members in Mackay, Moranbah and Emerald to check on their wellbeing and if they have any concerns. The secret to a good business is to have good staff and we have great staff.

What’s the best thing about the business?

The reason for Ezy Group’s success is our excellent face-to-face customer service. Nothing is too hard for my staff. We pride ourselves on service, quality, and reliable and clean vehicles.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business?

The biggest challenge we have at the moment is Government. Both State and Federal are doing their best to destroy the coal industry. Coal has been good for us and made us a lot of friends and we are just one of countless businesses that rely on the industry.

What is the business most proud of?

As a local business, we are proud of the fact that we made the move to Moranbah and Emerald to service the locals in the Bowen Basin and employ local people.

Community or other causes close to its heart and values?

Ezy Group proudly sponsors local sport in Mackay, Moranbah and Emerald. Moto x, Junior Rugby League, Golf, Senior Rugby League are just a few of the local clubs we get behind. We help local community organisations wherever we can. We are also a member of The Mackay Isaac Tourism and are currently promoting tourism in the local area.

Any employees that deserve a shout out?

My Directors and Managers for making my life so much easier. Derek and Sylvia are still very active in the business and everything that has been built is due to them. Head Accountant and Administration Manager, Julia Ormonde. Moranbah Managers, Dan Burow and Robbie Mortimer. Emerald Manager Lauren Wilson. Ezy Signs Manager Drew Devin. Really though, every single one of our employees deserves a thank you as we wouldn’t be here without them.

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