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Strongman Rob @ The Coalface

Robert Marlow is a Tyre Supervisor for Otraco at BHP’s Mount Arthur Mine at Muswellbrook, and on his days off he spends hours in the gym training as a Strongman.

Rob’s commitment has paid off, recently returning from Australia’s first tested Strongman competition and qualifier, the Natural Strongman Worlds in South Australia. He finished the event in first place for the Open Men’s competition securing his ticket to the international event in Ireland this August.

28-year-old Rob and his fiancé have three beautiful children and live in Muswellbrook. Rob has been training strongman for nearly six years now after watching some strongwomen lift at CrossFit Muswellbrook.

“I started in 2018, I was doing CrossFit and there were a couple of ladies doing strongwoman, Kendall and Emily, and they suggested I give it a go seeing how strong I was.

“Turns out, it suits me better and I enjoy lifting heavy stuff and the challenge that no two events in Strongman are ever the same.

“Strongmen deadlift, press overhead, carry things, push objects, it’s always something different. I really enjoy the variety.”

Since starting Strongman, Rob has only competed in events locally and in NSW. But earlier this year he came across an opportunity that could see him compete against some of the strongest men in the world.

The Natural Strongman Worlds competition consisted of five events for Rob. The first was an overhead medley that saw him alternate between a 110kg log and two 40kg dumbells, then deadlift 250kg for reps, a 30-metre Yolk Carry at 330kg, 20kg sandbag throw for distance and lifting a 140kg stone for reps which he completed six of.

Strongman Rob @ The Coalface

Rob’s efforts saw him finish the competition in first place and he’ll now head to Ireland for the Natural Strongman World event on August 24 and 25th.

Rob does his Strongman training at CrossFit Muswellbrook at the local showground after spending so much time doing CrossFit there before getting into the heavier side of things. His coach is Leigh Shaw in Melbourne, and he gets plenty of support from his major sponsor East Coast Supplements Muswellbrook.

Rob is a shiftworker, contracted to Mount Arthur by Otraco and has been a tyre supervisor there for the last seven years. He trains on his pyjama days and his days off for about three hours.

He has many more years ahead of him in the sport, with goals to eventually compete in the Masters Strongman division.

“I want to do longevity in the Strongman sport, I want to compete at Australia’s Strongest Man. That’s been a goal of mine for a few years now, but I’d rather take the long road to my goals, I’m not in a rush, I want my body to take its time getting there in one piece.

“Strongman has a Masters division that starts at 40-years-old, so I want to stay healthy and strong to get there.”

With the diversity that comes with Strongman events, Rob has not only pressed 150kg over his head at competitions and deadlifted 300kg, but he’s also pulled a number of trucks and cars, lifted barrels and picked up stones.

Strongman Rob @ The Coalface

Rob’s training has eased off for a few months so he can prepare for the peak he needs to be at when he heads to Ireland to compete against some of the strongest in the world.

For Rob, training as a professional athlete, having three young children and doing shift work can be a juggle, but he said he wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Rob is looking for sponsors to help get him over to Ireland to compete, if you’d like to support him get in touch via email: or through his Instagram page: @strongmanfrancis

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