Simulator Sets Up for Success

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Steve Fordham

On Tuesday July 4, Dreampath held the official launch of their new state of the art, industry leading Cat 793 Mining Simulator in Muswellbrook.

Dreampath is a majority owned indigenous workforce solutions company based in the Hunter Valley and its aim is to provide positive outcomes for First Nation Australians.

The launch of their new simulator during Naidoc Week is part of their commitment to providing First Nations’ people with pathways to stable, long-term employment in the region.

The Dreampath Haul Truck Simulator is a highly realistic replica of the Caterpillar 793, with instruments and controls that look, feel and operate as they do in the actual vehicle. It will help ensure that people who are new to industry will have the best possible training before arriving on site.

Dreampath was established by Steve Fordham, Director of Blackrock Industries and Marc Meili, Director of Protech. Steve said that Dreampath was formed because both he and Mark wanted to build something more, not just a business, but an opportunity to help people.

“Our goal is about helping people get into the mining industry,” said Steve. “Being a regional area, we want to progress locals and give them the opportunities they need to move forward. What this partnership has helped us do is create pathways for people.

“Today is a big day for Dreampath which started in 2018. To get the simulator into action and be able to provide the skills sets for people that allows them to take advantage of the opportunities in the mining industry is fantastic. I’m really looking forward to seeing more people starting in our industry.”

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