My Mining Life – Dylan Evans

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Dylan Evans, and I am an Environmental & Community Trainee at Ravensworth Open Cut.

When did you start in the mining industry and what was your first job?

I started in the mining industry in March 2022, and this is my first role.

How different is your job now to what you wanted to be when you were a kid?

My job now is very different to what I wanted to be as a kid, my dream was always to play professional rugby which I was very fortunate to be able to do. However, I did always have a strong interest in mining due to my family being heavily involved and growing up in Singleton, which is a mining community.


What’s a usual day at work entail?

My usual day comprises of inspections in our rehabilitation and offset areas, as well as monitoring on a range of different environmental and mining requirements at Ravensworth. Also coordinating contractors on whatever activities that we require at the time.


What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is being able to spend time in some of our beautiful offset areas, as well as seeing the great results of the land that is being rehabilitated.

Also during my working day whilst conducting environmental monitoring I love being able to drive around site and see all of the different operations and activities that are taking place.

The worst thing?

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything so far, but getting the vehicle bogged after the significant rainfall we have sustained in one of our offsets was a little embarrassing.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

I have been extremely lucky so far, we have a great team at Ravensworth, and everyone works hard together to ensure that day to day operations run safely and smoothly.

What has been your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement would have to be the birth of my son. In terms of my professional career, securing my Traineeship with Glencore was a proud moment for me as it was a start of a new chapter kicking off a mining career after finishing a career in Professional rugby.

What’s something about your job that would surprise people to know?

I think many people would be surprised to know about our Biodiversity Offset Areas that aren’t on the mine site, and all the good work that is being conducted to improve and conserve flora and fauna biodiversity.

What’s a funny story about work that you can tell?

Well as I mentioned, getting the vehicle bogged wasn’t my proudest moment… and since then my colleagues have been letting me know about it almost every day! I can’t pick up a set of vehicle keys without someone saying something.

What do you do in your downtime?

I like to spend time with family and friends, I love the outdoors, and playing rugby as well as other sports.

The mining industry gets more than its fair share of criticism. What is your view of our industry, and the impact is has?

My view of our industry is that its critical to provide affordable energy and minerals for the world to fight poverty and improve the quality of life. I don’t think people realise how important the mining industry is for day-to-day living.

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