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Mineworkers Trust Coalface

Brooke Adams is one of 20 recipients of the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) Mineworkers Trust, receiving $7,000 to go towards her expenses while undertaking a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University.

The Trust has supported numerous projects over the years from air-conditioning schools to charity fundraisers and their annual scholarship program. The program is for union members, their families, and dependents, to assist with expenses for further education.

Brooke’s mother and father are both union members; her mother Linda works for Anglo American and is a member of the German Creek Lodge, while her father also works for Anglo American and is part of the Aquila Lodge. They’ve worked in the mining industry for a combined 38 years.

“I’m thankful for my parents, who were able to teach me the value of working hard while staying balanced. While they still help me out, I’ve learnt from them how to take responsibility and make good choices.”

Brooke plans to undertake a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University, and she plans to continue to study to become a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

“It was a huge honour to be recognised and rewarded by the union. Growing up with two union parents, I know how hard they work and how important the work they do is, and to be on the receiving end is something very special.

“It blew my mind how generous these scholarships are, and I know myself and the other recipients are extremely thankful for the union and the support they show us.”

Brooke said she has been interested in the body and medicine for a long time but given how competitive medicine degrees are and how hard it is to make huge career decisions at the age of just 17, she applied for pharmacy as a safety net.

“I see it as a way of still being involved in people’s care in the wider community and it opens the door for future development. My plan is to graduate with my Bachelor of Pharmacy, do my internship to become a registered pharmacist while gearing up to apply for medical school, go to medical school and graduate and then I would like to work my junior years in the city to learn as much as possible.”

Brooke’s ultimate goal is to then move to the country to work with the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

“Scholarships like the Mineworkers Trust are so much deeper than just financial aid. While being able to receive funding to help students like me is amazing, it also means everyday life is a little easier. Scholarships from the union are also encouragement, I can feel the men and women at MEU standing behind me and cheering me on through the good and bad times. It makes me feel so much more supported knowing that a whole industry is looking out for me.

“It really emphasises the work the union does and the broader connections it has to its members and their families. I have seen this support time and time again, from great tragedies in my small mining town to huge celebrations, the union has backed us every step of the way.

“It shows the naysayers that our union strength comes from all sides the top executives down to regular members, and they back everyone, always.”

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