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Peaceful and exhilarating are rarely used in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what Hot Air Ballooning over the Hunter Valley feels like. 

Stunning views, great staff, a smooth ride and a champagne breakfast, when it comes to the perfect hot air ballooning experience, Beyond Ballooning really takes the cake.

From the moment you arrive at the Crown Plaza in Lovedale you are immediately welcomed by a friendly Beyond Ballooning staff member who leads you inside. 

This type of guidance is very helpful when you’ve just woken up at 3am to get there for a 5am take off, especially if you’re not a morning person like myself. 

Tackling a tired lot of passengers can be tough, but the guys make the safety procedures and information chat quick and informative ready for take-off.

I took a friend of mine on the little morning adventure, both of us inexperienced in the hot air ballooning domain, so we had no idea what to expect. As soon as we arrived at the take-off spot, the spectacular show began. 

Large fans inflate the giant balloon, followed by a launch of the burners. I absolutely crapped myself when the burners started up and began shooting flames a mere metre from my head, but it definitely got the heart racing and the body feeling toasty in the morning chill. 

Lift off was incredibly smooth and from the moment the basket rises into the air the views are breathtaking. From rolling mountains, dozens of vineyards, trees and landscape, to kangaroos and on a clear day views of the ocean. 

ATCF 46.1 Balloon 1

The sunrise gleams through the hills and valley to create an exquisite backdrop of radiance and colour. There’s a peaceful feeling of euphoria that runs through your body as you experience the magnificence of the world around you. 

Flights range from around 40 minutes to an hour, giving you the perfect amount of time to soak in the picturesque scenery around you and land for a timely breakfast.

We landed in a nearby field and were given the opportunity to observe and assist the deflation of the brilliant balloon. A quick pack up and we jumped on the bus back to the Crowne Plaza for breakfast. 

I’ll tell you one thing that is better than a ballooning experience, and that is a ballooning experience paired with a buffet brekkie. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, pastries, you name it we ate it. And not to mention the champagne to top of a morning of beauty and bliss. 

There’s also no need to take the camera, although they are very much welcomed on board, as the Beyond Ballooning staff photograph the entire experience which you can access that very afternoon. 

I recommend giving Beyond Ballooning a call now and booking your own experience because we bloody enjoyed ours and will be on board again in no time for another peaceful and exhilarating morning of enjoyment.

Head up, up and away with Beyond Ballooning today! 
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