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Anglo American, Coalface

In an initiative to combat the alarming statistics of road crash incidents in regional and remote areas, Anglo American in partnership with the Queensland Trucking Association has rolled out a series of vital First On Scene Remote Incident Training workshops across Central Queensland.

The training aims to arm motorists with crucial first aid and crash scene management skills, empowering them to act effectively should they be the first to arrive at the scene of an accident. With road crashes on regional and remote roads accounting for a staggering 65% of Australia’s total road toll the urgency for such programs cannot be overstated.

@ The Coalface joined members of the community at a workshop in Moranbah last month. Facilitated by Frances Schaffer from the Queensland Trucking Association alongside John Lipman from Queensland Ambulance and Gary Paul from Queensland Police, the workshop provided attendees with comprehensive training.

This included emergency first aid, ‘stop the bleed’ instructions, and safety protocols for dealing with potential hazards like powerlines and dangerous goods. Participants also learned the importance of the Emergency Plus app for providing exact locations to emergency services and received hands-on training in bandaging techniques and other essential first aid measures.

Beyond providing immediate skills, the initiative has a research component which is spearheaded by Dr. Darren Wishart from Griffith University and funded by the QLD Motor Accident Insurance Commission.

The overarching goal of the research and training is to enhance the understanding and effectiveness of first aid and crash scene management training for motorists, ultimately leading to safer roads and better outcomes following accidents.

Anglo American, Coalface

With additional workshops conducted in Middlemount, Moura and Theodore, the program underscores a community-wide effort to reduce the grim statistics of road casualties in regional and remote areas, making it a beacon of hope and preparedness in Central Queensland’s ongoing road safety actions.

Anglo American social performance manager Lynda Pollock said supporting road safety within the communities where they operate had been a key pillar in their social responsibility initiatives in the Bowen Basin.

“Anglo American places the highest priority on the safety of our people, especially when they travel to and from work, but it is also important to us that their families and communities are safe too.

“In partnership with community members, Anglo American was involved in helping set up a Moranbah Road Safety Group and then established road safety groups at Middlemount and Moura. These groups actively promote road safety and include representatives from the Queensland Police Service, local businesses, councils, Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, schools, transport providers and other companies.

“These community-led groups run regular road safety initiatives, including defensive driving courses, education sessions, fatigue and random breath testing sites and local advertising campaigns.

“First on Scene Remote Incident Training, in partnership with the Queensland Trucking Association, is crucial in helping motorists learn how to manage a road crash in remote and regional areas if they unfortunately arrive first on scene.”

If you believe this training would be beneficial for your community or workplace, you can contact Frances Schaffer for more information at

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