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On November 4, Dysart State School celebrated its 50th anniversary and the town’s half-century milestone. The school grounds buzzed with excitement, hosting a spectacular Christmas Fair that brought together current and former residents in a grand celebration of community and history.

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Aleisha Kenny, President of Dysart State School P&C said a lot of effort went in to make it an event to remember.

“We wanted to make this anniversary special, not just for our school but for the entire Dysart community. It was incredible to see so many people, past and present residents, coming together to celebrate.”

The fair was a kaleidoscope of activities and attractions. From thrilling amusement rides to an array of market stalls, the event catered to all ages and interests. Food vans offered a variety of cuisines, while a petting zoo and face painting added a touch of whimsy for the younger attendees. Car enthusiasts enjoyed a classic car show and everyone relished the nostalgic show bags. The evening was further enlivened by a live band, adding to the festive atmosphere.

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A highlight of the celebration was the school hall, transformed into a show pavilion. It became a treasure trove of memories with displays of memorabilia from various local organisations including sporting clubs, Mines Rescue, MEU Dysart, daycares, and both primary and high schools.

“It was like stepping into a time machine. The show pavilion allowed us to take a walk down memory lane, revisiting the rich history and achievements of our community,” said Aleisha.

The primary school students contributed to this nostalgic journey with their art displays, showcasing their creativity and talent. The community also participated actively, presenting entries in baking, arts and crafts, Lego displays and gardening. Aleisha said the involvement of the entire community in the pavilion was heart-warming.

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“It showed how every person, young or old, has contributed to Dysart’s vibrant history.”

Adding to the festive spirit, the event featured free Santa photos, bringing joy to families and children. Each class at the school performed a special Christmas dance or song and the night sky lit up with a dazzling fireworks display, adding a magical touch to the celebration. The event also included Dysart’s Best Mullet Competition, a humorous and fun contest for both adults and kids.

Aleisha said the success of the anniversary celebration was a testament to Dysart’s strong community spirit.

“It was more than just a school event; it was a celebration of Dysart itself. Seeing former residents return for this occasion was particularly moving. It showed that no matter where life takes them, their connection to Dysart remains strong.”

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