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Each year the demand for vitamins and supplements continues to grow and according to the CSIRO it is expected to reach $5.2 billion in Australia by 2030. Millions of Australians are forking out their cash hoping to ward off potential illnesses, support a fitness regime, or increase general wellbeing. The reason they are so popular? Because they can work.

To learn more about supplements and what they can do, we caught up with Jake and Tayla Carr. In early December, Jake and Tayla opened East Coast Supplements in Muswellbrook with the goal to improve other people’s lives with supplements as they have done with their own.

For Jake, who is an Electrician at Bengalla Coal Mine, supplements helped change his life, and possibly save it. At his periodical work medical his doctor flagged his weight with him which was 154kgs at the time. Jake knew he had to make a serious change and he shared how he walked in the door of East Coast Supplements in Cessnock and simply said, “I need help.” And help he received. Now weighing in at 92kgs, Jake said he is so thankful he found the courage to walk through that door.

For Tayla who was in the military, her introduction to supplements came from a need to help combat the fatigue she was feeling due to the physical and mental demands of her work. There more she learnt about supplements, the more benefits she discovered.

“It’s such a common myth that supplements are for gym junkies or just for people who are trying to increase their physical fitness. That’s only a tiny part of what supplements can do,” said Tayla.

“You might want help to lose some weight, you’re looking for a faster way to recover or you need help sleeping or staying awake which is common for shift workers. Often we have someone whose diet is lacking and needs to increase their nutrition.

“Everyone has gaps in their general health and what we do is help you figure out what you are lacking and help you fill that gap.”

With new products constantly coming on the market, it can be overwhelming figuring out what supplements might benefit you. That’s where Tayla and Jake try to help.

“We have a questionnaire that we go through new customers that helps us to pinpoint what they might need and we can also do full body scans that really help identify deficiencies or weaknesses. We help to establish what your goal is and then support you to reach it,” said Tayla

While Jake and Tayla only opened the Muswellbrook store in December after becoming partners in East Coast Supplements, they have already established a loyal and supportive customer base. While I was in the store a client popped in for some new stock. She was quick to share with me how she had lost 13kg since coming in to see Tayla and Jake. She said that she’d tried everything in the past and even spent a ton of money on a dietician and this was the only thing that had ever worked for her.

Jake said it was relationships like these that made what they do worthwhile.

“I know it can be intimidating walking into the store, I felt the same way the first time. Whether you pop in to say hello or ask us a question, or you want us to help you reach a goal you have, everyone is welcome.”

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