A Commitment to Care

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Ulan Coal have donated almost $10,000 to support Mudgee Community Health. The funding will help to improve facilities that support child and youth mental health care in the Mudgee region.

Addressing youth mental health in the Mid-Western region was identified as a community priority through Ulan Coal’s community consultation. They investigated local programs to support and invited organisations to make an application to their 2022 Community Investment Program.

Mudgee Health Service’s Community Health department responded with an application to transform one of the counselling rooms into a more adolescent focused space with artwork and IT equipment, improvements to the sensory garden and artwork to the community health corridor.

Lucy Stuart, Ulan Coal Environment and Community Manager said that while the Mudgee region is lucky to have a new hospital, the setting is very clinical. The funding would enable them to turn it into a space that provides warmth and comfort to children and youth when they most need it.

“Mental health illness is an increasing issue, not only in our region but world-wide. We are proud to support Mudgee Community Health as they continue to tackle youth mental health, reduce the fear or anxiety for those seeking treatment, and ensure that our community can enjoy good mental health over their lifetime,” said Lucy.

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