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Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) has marked 2023 with significant achievements in the Bowen Basin, thanks to the collective efforts of its members.

Members such as Kristy Purdon, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the mining sector, will notch up 10 years as the group’s regional lead in March.

Reflecting on successes of 2023, Kristy shared a few highlights.

“The resilience workshop in June and the International Women’s Day breakfast in March were pivotal. Our event on June 16, celebrating International Women in Mining was particularly memorable, featuring enriching conversations with past WIMARQ award winners.”

Kristy said the establishment of regular networking events was a key achievement for WIMARQ.

“The success of these events in fostering attendance and connection has been heartening. It’s a testament to the strength and unity of our community and these gatherings have become a cornerstone for connection and support among members.”

The WIMARQ Gala in Brisbane last October was also a standout, setting a high benchmark for future events. Despite constraints, there is a strong desire to replicate this success in Moranbah, potentially adding a Gala to the community calendar this year.

“Our events rely on the support of resource companies in the Bowen Basin. We aim to mirror the success of Brisbane’s Gala event in other regions, learning from each event to enhance our planning and execution.”

Kristy Purden.

WIMARQ’s impact on local communities like Moranbah, Dysart, and Blackwater is significant.

“We focus on supporting local businesses and integrating them into our activities, such as the Wellness Expo co-hosted with local health and wellness enterprises,” said Kristy.

The organisation also runs a mentoring program out of Brisbane, pairing industry mentors with future leaders, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing talent in the region.

Looking ahead to 2024, Kristy said WIMARQ’s vision is to deepen its engagement.

“Our mission is to connect, nurture, and support. We plan to host more events centered on confidence and resilience and collaborate with local businesses to deliver these events,’ said Kristy.

To enable this, Kristy said the role of sponsorships and branding campaigns is crucial for WIMARQ.

“As a non-profit, we rely on community support to bring our ideas to life. Plans for 2024 include workshops on self-defence, leadership, and positive mindset, crucial for empowering women in the sector.”

Reflecting on her personal journey with WIMARQ, Kristy shared, “Over the past ten years, my role has evolved from focusing on networking to addressing critical issues like mental health and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). My aspiration is to foster a more inclusive environment that values care and respect for all.”

Kristy’s involvement with the International Women in Mining alliance underlines WIMARQ’s global connection.

“Our recent summit highlighted our progress in DEI matters. As part of a global community of over 38+ groups across the world, we’re committed to taking small, right actions to support women in the resource industry,” she concluded.

As WIMARQ moves into 2024, its focus remains on building a supportive and inclusive community. The organisation’s journey is not just about celebrating past successes but also about forging a path towards an inclusive and empowered future.

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