Walking to the Rescue

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Liam Jackson, from Bulga Surface Operation, has completed a charity walk, raising a much needed $8,150 for Destiny Rescue.

The charity is an Australian Organisation that rescues children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking around the world.

Part of the CHPP Production crew, Liam began his non-stop 150km walk around Lake Macquarie and Newcastle on a Friday night and finished lunchtime Sunday in 39 hours and 4 seconds.

“The hardest part of the walk was actually within the first two kilometres,” he said.

“I left home at 9pm on the Friday night and I seriously underestimated how bad the weather was. It was raining very heavily, and the wind was strong. I was wet, cold and felt very unprepared for what was going to be a long night and weekend. I even started to walk back home so I could get warmer clothes or go to bed and start again the following morning, but I made the decision to continue.

“The mental battles I had throughout the 39 hours and 4 minutes of continuous walking was exactly what I wanted to get out of the challenge.”

This is not the first time Liam has tackled a challenge to raise funds for Destiny Rescue.

In January, Liam successfully walked 100 kilometres and raised $4,756 which helped in rescuing three young girls from sex trafficking and exploitation.

“I was originally planning a trip overseas to do some volunteer work with the organisation however, COVID-19 impacted international travel so I decided to think of other ways I could help,” he said.

“When I finished the 100 kilometres in January, I felt as though something was missing from what I wanted to get from the challenge, so I decided to organise a second walk and increase the distance to 150 kilometres. Once I finished the 150km in 39 hours and 4 minutes I felt as though I ticked all the boxes on what I wanted to get from the challenge.

“I have always had a passion for wanting to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children.”

It goes without saying, the CHPP team are all incredibly proud of Liam and all the work he does with Destiny Rescue.

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