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Students from Scone Grammer School were treated to a visit from the region’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service (WRHS) in June, a service they often hear flying overhead but rarely get to see up close.

The visit was part of the Westpac school landings program, giving students the opportunity to learn more about what the service does in their community.

Scone’s WRHS volunteers and the students gathered at Bill Rose Sporting Complex to await the landing and the kids couldn’t have been more excited.

“It’s really good for us to engage with the people that support us and to be able to give something back to the communities because we are a community-based asset,” WRHS aircrew officer Kris Larkin said.

“Some of the stuff we do is quite confronting, but this is about us giving back and it’s really enjoyable for the crews.”

After a brief introduction to the crew and a group question time, students made their way to the aircraft and had a look at the incredible amount of lifesaving equipment inside.

Scone Grammar School Principal, Mr Paul Smart, said the visit was highly anticipated by students.

“We feel very fortunate to be involved in the Westpac school landings program. Many of us have someone close who has experienced a lifesaving moment thanks to the rescue helicopter, so Scone Grammar School is proud to be building a partnership with such a fantastic organisation,” he said.

WRHS @ The Coalface

Someone who had a very intimate encounter with the WRHS was also at the landing in Scone.

Angus Davidson’s mother works at the school and she invited her son down so he could meet the crew after he needed the helicopter’s services earlier this year.

“In March I came off a cliff and in the middle of the night. The helicopter paramedics came out and they had to make their way through the trees and I don’t know how they did it but they got me out and saved my life,” he shared.

“I barely remembered it myself, it was a large accident, I got bad knocks to my head, so it’s the first time I’ve actually been coherent to see the helicopter.

“I just I had to come down show my appreciation and tell them that I’m at university right now studying to do what they do.”

Unfortunately, Angus didn’t quite get the chance to chat to the aircraft crew. They were called away to a job and the event was cut short.

WRHS @ The Coalface

Danny Eather, the WRHS Acting Business & Community Partnerships Manager said it might’ve been cut short, but everyone loved it.

“Scone Grammar School, both staff and students, have been long-time supporters of the Service,

“Of note, has been the school raising over $30,000 in our Base to Base Challenge in 2021, making the school the highest fundraising group in the month long virtual event. Today’s school landing at Scone is a small way to express our thanks for the school’s many years of support,” Danny said.

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