The Bustling Bavarian

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A trip to Charlestown Square for lunch on a drizzly, rainy day turned into the most amazing food experience I have ever had. 

Upon entering the newly opened restaurant The Bavarian, I was immediately enthralled by the sleek, modern, luxurious feel of the room and the delicious aromas that filled the air. 

Our waitress greeted us with a friendly smile as soon as we walked through the door and lead us to our table. 

The venue was absolutely packed with people lining the seats that surround the stylish bar located in the center of the venue.

Before ordering our meals, the lighting and surrounds set the mood. The menu boasts a unique and diverse selection of the best of Bavaria.

ATCF 44.1 Food 3
ATCF 44.1 Food 5

We began with a traditional Bavarian beer and a fresh and fruity Pimms cocktail to accompany our entrees. Both beverages were refreshing and full of flavour.  

I enjoyed the spicy squid with a delicious lime aioli dip whilst my partner tucked into a giant pretzel smothered in butter with a sweet mustard side.

Thank goodness I wore a loose-fitting skirt because I was more than ready for our mains after those divine entrées. We received our mains in a very timely manner and were gobsmacked at the generous sizing considering the reasonable pricing.

My partner absolutely devoured his succulent Loaded Schnitty ‘The Texan’, topped with fries, mozzarella cheese, bacon, jalapeños, sweet BBQ sauce and ranch dressing.  

I smashed down the Bavarian Tasting Platter that any meat lover would enjoy, which featured flavoursome, juicy sausages on a bed of sauerkraut, red cabbage and creamy mash.

ATCF 44.1 Food 2

To top it off we shared an assortment of traditional sides such as the Mushy Peas, Cauliflower Gratin and Fries with Signature Seasoning and Aioli. 

In the words of the pickiest eater in the world, my partner, “That was the best meal I have ever had.” I couldn’t argue with him either. Both entrees and mains were indescribably delicious.

At this stage we were almost in food comas but couldn’t resist the temptation of dessert. We decided to share a giant Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Doughnut with salted caramel dipping sauce. The mouthwatering sweet was worth every mouthful. 

Huge one litre boots and two litre tubes of craft beer, German beer and cider are available at the bar for a big night with the pals. I was tempted but unfortunately was the designated driver. 

The stunning experience ended with us labelling The Bavarian as our go-to place to eat from now on. My absolute compliments to the Chef and staff for the best meal both my partner and I have ever had. 

All-in-all experiencing this restaurant is a must. Head in for generously sized, delectable and delightful meals. If you love a bargain, kids eat free on Sundays and Happy Hour runs between 4pm and 6pm.Book a table now, you won’t regret it. 

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