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Tell us about the business.

My name is Ryan Foster and I’m the Director of Ambrosia Marcoms. Ambrosia is an industry-specialised marketing and communications agency, focused on elevating the profile of the industrial sector.

We work with organisations across the mining, construction and infrastructure services sectors delivering full scale marketing, communications, branding and media solutions.

Ambrosia was founded as an agile, industry-focused marketing agency that understands the operations, products, market and requirements of our heavy-industry clients. Our competitive advantage is our predetermined industry knowledge, while understanding the intersection of creative solutions, strategic outcomes and the commercial realities of business growth. 

In our relatively young lifespan, we’ve worked with several great mining services clients both directly and indirectly within the Hunter Valley.

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How long have you been doing business?

Ambrosia is moving into our third year of operation this month. We’ve been indirectly doing business within the Hunter Valley with a leading mining equipment supplier since our inception, and more recently been working within the valley to implement growth strategies for a mining services client. Many of our relationships within the industry and region have stood long beyond this point.

We’re based in Newcastle, and are partnered with various civil and construction businesses here to deliver their marketing and communications programs within the broader Hunter region.

Having recently founded a media arm within the business, we’re ramping up our focus on delivering professional photography, videography and CASA-certified aerial productions within the Hunter Valley mining sector.

Describe a typical day at ‘The office’.

We are a primarily decentralised organisation, and more often than not are consulting on-site with our clients.

Our current client portfolio ranges geographically from QLD to the south coast of NSW, so we’ve adapted well to maintaining the collaborative nature required to deliver large marcoms projects, while remaining agile.

When in the office, we’re managing our clients’ channels and collaborating to develop branding, marketing and multimedia projects. When on site we’re strategically consulting with clients, developing content and liaising with stakeholders.

We’re up early, and prioritise our wellbeing while maximining our working days.

What’s the best thing about the business?

We really love our industry specialisation and ability to provide informed solutions which others can’t. It’s the reason we do this. That – and we love the mining sector and all things heavy industry!

Otherwise, it’s the ability to work with such a broad range of clients. Within this sector it truly is exciting to get to work on major mining, construction and infrastructure projects which contribute to the advancement of the region and economy.

What is the biggest opportunity for your business right now?

Beginning in 2020, the need to lower operation costs was highlighted, which gave us an advantage in promoting our outsourced marketing solutions. Our ability to interface with partners at varying points allows them to scale up and down, while reducing FTE overheads that may have been reserved for traditional in-house marketing roles. Our programs are systemised, bringing with us the processes and formalisation to create in-house equivalent standards from the get-go, while delivering an agile approach to growth facilitation.

Community or other causes close to its heart and values?

Ambrosia collectively supports various medical and health-focused causes nationally. I’ve recently completed the Great Cycle Challenge, raising significant funds for children’s cancer research. This is a cause that is close to me, with my late uncle being one of the first people in Australia to ever receive experimental chemotherapy as a child, which eventually developed the program that exists within the public medical system today.

I’ve got close mates working in mining all over the world, and strongly support varying wellbeing and mental health initiatives.

Anything else you want to say?

We’re committed to breaking the stigma or stereotype of what a typical marketing agency has been. We’re down to earth, local people and genuinely founded this business on a desire to disrupt this stigma, while bringing industry knowledge and tier one agency solutions to the sector.

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re looking to lift your image, through to ramping up a full scale advertising and marketing program. We have the capabilities to support and enhance your growth, so make sure you reach out via our website and say g’day.

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