Rehabilitating Workers and Land

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A few issues ago we spoke of the fantastic work that Blackrock Industries was undertaking in transitioning people that have been incarcerated back into the workforce. Well now they are making strong inroads in land rehabilitation.

“Being an indigenous company here in the Hunter Valley we want to provide an opportunity to assist in rejuvenating the mine affected land back into the way our fore ancestors use to live upon,” says Steve Fordham, Director of Blackrock Industries.

Steve who with his experience, dedication and cultural background, has some very futuristic views for implementing his cultural heritage to achieve best results in land rehabilitation.

“We want to start bringing in a lot more of different plants, everything from your natural bush tuckers to your natives and try and increase that outcome instead of just quick growing stuff, says Steve.

“We want to expand into more pieces so as we can start to encourage more native wildlife back. We have fantastic relationships with the mines, so they are prepared to listen to us. We were one of the first companies to kick off with MACH Energy Mount Pleasant which gave us a great platform to work from. It has enabled us to put best practice alongside cultural which I feel is very important when returning the mine affected land back to our community.”

Steve’s company has taken that relationship with MACH Energy and the opportunity it’s enabled to expand his business quite well and they are now undertaking land rehabilitation across several sites.

“We’re hoping to increase that across the Valley and there is a lot of dialogue happening behind the scenes to ensure that our history and capability, can work in with our experience and achieve some great results across the sector.”


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