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Glendell Mine is seeking approval to continue current open cut mining to the north of its existing customers, proposing to relocate the historical Ravensworth Homestead.  

Mining activities at Glendell Mine commenced in 2008, currently with approval to mine up to 4.5 million tonnes per annum of coal resources through to June 2024. The Glendell Continued Operations Project hopes to continue operations within a new area located to the north to produce an additional 135 Mt of additional coal through to 2044.

Along with proposed mining operations, construction activities, benefits and conceptual final landform, the project includes the proposal to relocate the Ravensworth Homestead to a new site. 

The Ravensworth Homestead is a collection of buildings built in the 19thcentury, considered to have State significant heritage values as a remnant of an early pastoral station that retains evidence of the colonial period of development.

A number of important historic persons have been associated with the estate, including Colonial Surgeon, Dr James Bowman, for whom the homestead was constructed in 1832. 

ATCF 7.1 Ravensworth 2

Glendell have proposed two relocation options for the Ravensworth Homestead, keeping its heritage and the surrounded community at the top of their minds. 

One option is to relocate the buildings, intact, to a newly created ‘Ravensworth Farm’ site that is located adjacent to Bowmans Creek and the proposed Hebden Road realignment. The Homestead and associated buildings would be used by Glencore for administration purposes, of course with the idea of it becoming a rural homestead post-mining to support its strong heritage focus.

The second option is to relocate to McNamara Park in Broke Village, functioning as a village square and creating administration and exhibition space, café and restaurant, cellar/door wine tasting, market space and space for annual events. This option has a major focus on community, with relocating requiring the dismantling of buildings ‘stone-by-stone’ and rebuilding in the new location. 

Both options focus on the heritage of the estate and the community, with Glencore establishing a community-based committee, the Ravensworth Homestead Advisory Committee, to assist with its assessment. 

The detail and thought process that has gone into the Glendell Continued Operations Project, including the careful consideration of relocating Ravensworth Homestead, has had a major community focus.

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