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Postie bike @ The Coalface

A group of postie bike enthusiasts are gearing up to tackle 2,200-kilometres on the back of postie bikes across regional Queensland to raise money for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS).

This will be the 11th year of the Annual Postie Bike Safari that has raised a total of $696,000 for various charities since it started.

Between 30 and 40 riders take part in the pilgrimage every year including Maintenance Planner at Collinsville Coal Kyle Large who will be tackling his third Postie Bike Safari when the group sets off on their adventure on August 24.

“My journey into participation began as an adventure when my friend Steve Tregear invited me along. He needed a licensed rider for his learners, and I gladly joined in. However, as the days unfolded and I witnessed the joy on the faces of young children and their families, I realised this was more than just a ride.

“It became clear that I wanted to be part of this for as long as possible. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever been a part of.”

The ride will start in Mackay and go around Central Queensland stopping at Maraboon, Awonga and Monduran, before concluding back in Mackay a week later.

There are donations, raffles and an auction on the night of the riders return, all raising money for CCS.

Postie bike @ The Coalface

Organiser Greg Becke said this is the third year they’ve supported the organisation.

“We have raised money for CQ Rescue, the Black Dog Institute, Canteen and then one of the blokes on the ride was heavily involved with CCS so he approached us to raise money for them.

“What they do is unreal.

“We recently spoke to one lady whose daughter ended up in hospital and they thought they’d be there for three weeks, and it ended up being nine months and CCS helped them out with everything they needed.

“We decided we would raise money for them for as long as the ride continues,” said Greg.

Kyle said the ride is the most heartwarming thing he’s been a part of and that’s mainly due to Greg.

“What began as a spontaneous decision has evolved into a cornerstone of my yearly plans. Many may not grasp the dedication and meticulous effort put in behind the scenes by Greg Becke to orchestrate the ride; without his tireless work, none of this would be feasible.

“Moreover, it’s essential to acknowledge the commitment of fellow riders and volunteers, who sacrifice workdays to lend a hand along the journey. Local businesses, too numerous to list, play a crucial role in supporting events like this, without which they simply couldn’t happen.

“These endeavours provide much-needed respite and care for families navigating some of the toughest challenges life throws their way. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of these children and their families reinforces the value of our collective efforts.”

Postie bike @ The Coalface

Greg is encouraging everyone to donate if they can, particularly businesses.

“If any companies want to donate to us, they get recognition on the website and their logos go on the shirts that we wear on the bike ride. There are three different levels of sponsorship, $500, $1000, and $5000.”

Kyle is looking forward to the ride, particularly because his butt is never as sore as everyone else’s…

“It’s very commonly asked about how my butt is by the end of the ride. I’m lucky as I don’t have a bum (so I’m told), so I find the seats comfortable and being short helps, as the riding position for some of the taller guys takes a toll on them!”

You can support the Postie Bike Safari at:

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