Playing it Safe

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Footballers and spectators are safer at Singleton Rugby Club with the purchase of new first aid kits, thanks to a donation from Yancoal Australia’s Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW) operation.

The first aid kits include supplies appropriate for sports injuries including cold packs, bandages, wipes, dressing strips, eye pads, healing cream, gauzes, sports tape, wound dressings, cotton buds and other equipment.

John Tyne, Senior Vice President for Singleton Rugby Club was pleased with the new safety gear.

“These new kits are an important first aid tool to support our playing groups, spectators and officials. They will be installed for easy access in the main clubhouse, canteen area and first aid room in the new grandstand when it’s completed.

“We recently renovated our clubhouse and relocated the defibrillator unit that MTW donated in 2019 to within the main clubhouse area as well to assist in emergency situations.

“Rugby is a contact sport, so we see accidents happen from time to time, so like any club, we take first aid seriously.

“We are grateful to the MTW team for their support over the years to ensure we have the latest safety equipment should the worst happen,” said John.

Since the creation of the Club in 1967, the Singleton Rugby Club has forged a long and proud tradition of producing excellent rugby players and premiership teams. It has quality field and club facilities and is always improving to ensure a strong future for the club.

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Mount Thorley Warkworth General Manager David Bennett welcomed the opportunity to boost the rugby club’s safety equipment.

“Sport unites a community and brings many of the local and the surrounding areas together and we are proud we have helped make it a safer environment with these new first aid kits,” said David.

The donation was part of the Yancoal Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW) Community Support Program, which aims to make a positive difference in the local community and to the lives of the people who work and live in the areas it operates.

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