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New Acland @ The Coalface

Work has begun on New Acland Mine’s 13.5-kilometre Lagoon Creek Conservation Zone, which will see more than 3,000 trees planted over the next decade.

The project will complement rehabilitation outcomes from previously mined areas and strengthens New Hope Group’s outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and progressive rehabilitation practices.

Stretching through the mining operation, the Lagoon Creek Conservation Zone will see the vegetation corridor along Lagoon Creek widened to more than 100 metres.

New Acland Mine General Manager, Dave O’Dwyer said the Lagoon Creek Conservation Zone will enhance animal and plant biodiversity.

“The project will stretch from Peachey Maclagan Road to south of the Manning Vale West Pit and will take more than a decade to complete,” Dave said.

“In total, more than 135 hectares of land alongside Lagoon Creek will be prioritised and planted with native vegetation, including eucalyptus, paper bark and other refuge trees, designed to significantly boost the local koala population.

“New Acland Mine is home to one of Australia’s most ambitious and practical land management programs.

“Established more than 17 years ago, the progressive rehabilitation program returns mined land to agricultural and conservation uses while contributing to the region’s agribusiness industry.

“To date, more than 740 hectares of land has been rehabilitated. Of this, 349 hectares has been formally ratified as progressively rehabilitated mined land by the Queensland Government.”

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