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From rolling hills and crystal waters to a stunning display of wildlife, the beauty of Lake St Clair is something that needs to be experienced firsthand.

This month my friends and I snuck away for a weekend of camping, fishing and kayaking at Lake St Claire, a location just a short 30-minute drive north of Singleton magically nestled in the foothills of Mt Royal National Park.

It was our first time visiting the Lake and even on the drive in we were blown away by its sheer size and incredible scenery. Photos simply don’t give this place justice.

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Being the weekend before Australia Day, the campground was full of happy campers, families and people looking to lap up the water. We managed to find a spot right on the shore for our swag, tent and campervan and set up our home for the weekend.

Within minutes of setting up I was straight in the water for a swim while the boys took the kayaks and fishing rods across the lake chasing their first bass. Floating in the large open water enjoying my surroundings, I knew I had already fallen in love with Lake St Claire.

After a few hours we all made our way back to camp to fire up the BBQ, start the fire and crack open a few beers. We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather to sit back and relax over dinner before heading to bed early to enjoy Triple J’s 2021 Hottest 100 the next day.

Saturday morning saw us head out early on the kayaks for a fish, where my brother caught the lucky first bass of the weekend. I’ve never been kayaking before, so I was bloody buggered by the time we got back and of course had to reward myself with a beer ready for the start of the Hottest 100.

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Over the next few hours, we enjoyed many drinks and a couple of snag sangas in anticipation to see which artist or artists took home number 1, only to find out The Wiggles took first place with their Like a Version. Like come on, who votes for The Wiggles in The Hottest 100!

Luckily, this was the only negative of the weekend. We couldn’t fault the experience we had at Lake St Claire. When we weren’t out on the water ourselves, we enjoyed watching people boating, skiing, sailing and fishing around us.

We made friends with the local geese who woke us up each morning with a few loud honks, we caught prawns and catfish and my brother even made a sail out of an umbrella for his kayak (which didn’t work at all).

On our last day we woke up pretty dusty and relaxed for a few hours before packing up for the short trip home. Lake St Claire is our new favourite home away from home, and if you haven’t been there yourself, you’d be crazy not to make this your next holiday destination.

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