Out With the Old, In With the New

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Since being introduced to the market back in 1990, Caterpillar’s original 994 Wheel Loader has dominated its size class. Released in 2016, the uber-popular 994K monster mining machine was the latest and greatest – until now. Say hello to the Cat 995 Wheel Loader.

Piggybacking off the success of the 994K, the new 995 “meets your demand for greater productivity by delivering more – and using less.” Cat promises more power, more performance and more payload from the 995, so users can do more in less time while using less fuel.

Cat set out to produce a more efficient and productive machine, and they delivered. We’ll see up to 19 per cent more efficiency and up to 19 per cent more productivity from the 995 compared to the 994K. These increases are attributed to the 995’s boosted hydraulic force, higher rated payload and Enhanced Eco Mode, which reduces hourly fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent.

Reduced fuel usage simultaneously diminishes engine emissions and carbon footprint – the makings of a much more sustainable machine. The 995’s 3516E Tier 4 Final engine also decreases NOx and particulate matter, and Engine Idle Shutdown works to avoid unnecessary fuel usage by preventing excessive idling.

One of many efficiency-boosting features included in the loader is Tire Slip Prevention, which provides perfectly adequate rimpull by increasing rimpull when there is more downforce on the tyre and decreasing rimpull when there is less downforce. Lift Stall Prevention is another feature that ensures the lift motion is continuous by automatically applying the impeller clutch to prevent hydraulic stall. Tire Set, Positive Flow Control Hydraulic System and on-demand throttle are also included to boost machine efficiency.

Designed with the operator in mind, the 995 boasts numerous safety and comfort features.

Operators will have greater bucket visibility with a 25 per cent increase in windshield surface area, 50 per cent more leg room, improved access and egress and wider walkways with non-skid surfaces. Among many other features that will enhance operator confidence and reduce fatigue, low-effort integrated controls have been included to make cycles smoother and faster.

The aforementioned features only constitute a small selection of what the 995 has to offer. Cat has included a multitude of other features and technologies to boost durability, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, safety and comfort.

First shipments are expected late this year, with an official launch in the coming months.


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