OPINION: Safeguard Mechanism must ensure industries continue to produce for the nation

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Australian mining wants to ensure that the industries that are producing in this country continue to work hard for Australians and that investment continues to flow into mining projects that will play a crucial role in providing the critical minerals and metals for the world to decarbonise.

Australia is better placed with its resource base than any nation to reap the benefits of this new-energy transition.

This is why climate policy must thread the needle carefully.

The MCA will be checking every detail of the amendments to the Safeguard Mechanism legislation carefully.

It will continue to work with stakeholders to reduce emissions and play a part in climate objectives, including developing resources needed for critical minerals and metals.

Australian mining companies have been charting their own paths towards net zero, investing billions of dollars annually in the technology required to meet their ambitions and reducing their carbon footprint.

The challenges to meet the Safeguard Mechanism shouldn’t be underestimated.

If we are not careful, some facilities in Australia will close.

Not only would that damage our economy and slash tens of thousands of regional jobs and billions in investment, it also would push the emissions reduction burden on to other nations that are less able or less willing to decarbonise.

The Greens’ demonisation of coal also does not help the Australian economy, particularly as the nation continues to rely on coal powered energy generation to keep the lights on and keep prices down.

Tania Constable

CEO, Minerals Council of Australia

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