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What does a mine production manager do on his weekends off? Well Glencore’s Integra Coal Underground Production Manager Evert Smit spent two weekends last month spending his time doing something pretty special.

When the mine had to upgrade laptops, there were 53 they could no longer use.

Instead of tossing them, Evert took them home, upgraded them and donated them to students at St Catherine’s Catholic College in Singleton.

The presentation was made to the school recently and acting principal Lauren Carlson expressed the school’s appreciation.

“Technology is essential in the classroom, it is non-negotiable and it is imperative for students from Year 5 to 12, they use it all the time and these laptops will certainly be well used,” Lauren said.

Students put in a request to receive a laptop and the 53 were handed out earlier this month.

Evert said the laptops had come to the end of their life for the mine’s purposes but were still in good condition.

“We removed sensitive data, took out the hardware, overhauled them and installed windows ready for the students to use,” Evert said.

Evert enlisted the assistance of his three children and said it was a good process for them to realise the benefits of recycling and donation of their time to support other kids.

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