Looking to the Future

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Plans to continue operations at the Rix’s Creek North mining operation are in the initial stages, with owners The Bloomfield Group developing a scoping report to extend the mine life by an additional 14 years to 2049.

Brett Lewis, CEO of The Bloomfield Group, said the continuation project at Rix’s Creek North, located north of Singleton, will provide certainty for local jobs and significant economic benefit for both NSW and Australia.

“Extending the life of the Rix’s Creek North operation will provide stability for local workers, many of whom have been working with us for their whole careers. We want to continue to be an employer of choice for our local community and continuing operations at Rix’s Creek North will help us do that,” said Brett.

“This will also mean continued support for the local businesses who are part of our supply chain along with the community organisations we support via The Bloomfield Group Foundation.

“Beyond our local community, NSW State royalties from another 63.5 million Run of Mine tonnes of coal will be paid into the NSW economy along with payments via other state and federal taxes.”

The proposed continuation involves advancing operations to the west, which will require relocating and upgrading approximately 4km of the New England Highway.

“If approved, the project would include a significant upgrade to the New England Highway. We would keep the existing highway open while we build a new alignment so there will be no disruption to traffic. We estimate this part of the project would also generate 60 jobs during construction,” said Brett.

The scoping report being developed for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DPE) includes early specialist planning covering environmental, social and economic areas. The NSW DPE will issue Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the project to identify the type and detail of technical and environmental assessments, and the level of consultation required to be undertaken.

The Project is expected to also require an approval under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The Bloomfield Group is a proud and successful mining and engineering group. It is an Australian company, locally based and focused. The Group has been part of the Hunter Valley community for more than 85 years and the planned continuation will allow their legacy to continue for many more.

The proposed continuation project also includes: continuation to the north and west of the existing Falbrook Mining Area out to Middle Falbrook and Stony Creek Roads maintaining the overall combined RCN peak raw coal extraction rate of six million tonnes per annum revising the final landform, including changes to the number, location and volumes of the final voids changing hours of operation to 24 hour, 7 days per week as operations move away from neighbours extending operations from 2035 (current approval) to 2049 seeking approval to take overburden from RCN to RCS to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

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