Keeping it Local

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DK Heavy Plant Services pays homage to the success they have achieved with the assistance of Bengalla’s strong emphasis on employing local services.

As Bengalla celebrates their 20-year anniversary, DK Heavy Plant Services Dave Komacha is the first to congratulate them on their milestone and also the first to thank them for their ongoing commitment to local businesses.

“Cam and his team at Bengalla are unique and something to aspire to when it comes to workplace culture and the utilisation of local businesses and employment,” says Komacha, speaking of Bengalla’s Cam Halfpenny. 

“It’s as though they know that obligation is there, but it’s something that is second nature. That they actually thrive on the feedback of the success of local businesses succeeding.”

Komacha’s thoughts are something that has been echoed about Bengalla’s culture over the past few years throughout the community. DK Heavy Plant Services has since grown larger thanks to the likes of Bengalla and now have two locations in Muswellbrook, including the former Austin Engineering offices.

“We have expanded our operation and with our growth in business now have two locations, one in Carramere Road and the other in Blakefield Road, Muswellbrook. After dealing with the likes of Bengalla and their professional dealings and culture, I guess you can say we are taking a leaf out of their book,” Dave said.

“We now employ over 80 workers and have a big emphasis on employing local people. DK Heavy Plant Services is also strong in the development and training culture of the business and currently employs 4 apprentices and offers the opportunity and encouragement for employees to upgrade their skills,” he added.

We all hear the success stories of people starting out with a vision and a bank loan going on to create a successful business. Komacha’s is somewhat similar, though he wanted to ensure that what he envisioned didn’t get lost within the expansion and profits of the business. 

 “We’ve all seen what can happen in the boom with expansions. It is taking a common-sense approach and ensuring you have the right mix and that your workforce is happy.”

“To accommodate our workforce, and to follow through with my vision for the future of the business, our expansions also include another of my passions which is farming. There are some plans and innovative ideas I have for us here locally to assist the agricultural industry and have some exciting new advancements in that field that will also increase production and utilisation of the equipment,” Dave added.

It will come as no surprise that DK Heavy Plant Services also have a strong involvement within our local community, offering support to local organisations and individuals to further their own success. From sporting clubs to assisting people with barriers and illnesses, DK Heavy Plant Services is backing the community that backs them.

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