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The 2024 Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) Ambassadors program, an initiative by the Queensland Resources Council (QRC), recently conducted a camp in Brisbane. The event marked the start of a year-long journey for 20 selected students and heralded a new era of talent in Queensland’s resources and energy sectors.

The students, selected for their potential as future leaders and innovators, are embarking on a program that promises to enrich their understanding of the industry.

The camp provided a platform for the ambassadors to explore various aspects of the industry. They visited Genuity’s energy trading floor where they delved into the complexities of the energy market. At Core Resources’ Albion facility, the ambassadors learned about the critical role of exploration and geology, uncovering opportunities in chemical and process engineering and metallurgy.

At the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Engineering facilities, the students were exposed to cutting-edge technologies. They toured the Civil Lab and the Hypersonic Lab, gaining insights into space concepts like the speed of light. Simtars at Redbank also played a crucial role, showing students how the industry manages challenges like dust, gas, and emergency responses.

As these 20 students continue their journey as QMEA Ambassadors, they carry with them not just the knowledge and experiences from the camp, but also the responsibility of being advocates for the resources and energy sector. Their engagement with industry stakeholders, students and the community will be crucial in championing the benefits and opportunities the sector offers.


The QMEA’s focus on building a pipeline of talented professionals into the resources sector, with an emphasis on female and Indigenous participation, aligns with the Queensland Government’s Gateway to Industry Schools program.

Katrina-Lee Jones, QRC’s Director of Skills, Education, and Diversity said this initiative plays a vital role in preparing a skilled workforce, ready to embrace the challenges and harness the opportunities in the evolving landscape of Queensland’s resources sector.

“These students represent our future workforce. They will play a critical role in decarbonising our sector, driving innovation, and harnessing new technologies,” she said.

The QMEA’s 2024 Ambassadors are:
Adrian Perry, Miles State High School
Aileen Hu, St Hilda’s School, Gold Coast
Alec Rix, Chanel College, Gladstone
Ava Haine, Moura State High School
Brendan Conway, Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela
Cadence Taylor, Bundaberg State High school
Colby Grieves, The Cathedral College, Rockhampton
Damarish Robin, Spinifex State College, Mount Isa
Erin Keaney, Wavell State High School, Brisbane
Hailey Ellis, Moranbah State High School
Hunter Smith, Upper Coomera State College, Gold Coast
Keira Falzon, Pioneer State High School, Mackay
Lexi Croce, Moranbah State High School
Lincoln Hicks, Kirwan State High School, Townsville
Minho Sung, Mansfield State High School, Brisbane
Pernille Allen, Somerville House, Brisbane
Rihenna Gifford, Dysart State High School
Ryan Philp, Good Shepherd Catholic College, Mount Isa
Shanae White, Blackwater State High School
Zachary MacInnes, The Gap State High School, Brisbane

“The camp was a revelation. It expanded my understanding from raw materials to refined products and the importance of safety. I now see the immense potential in fields like software engineering and mechatronics, which are critical to the future of mining and energy,” Minho Sung, Mansfield State High School

“It’s opened many pathways for me. I’m now considering a double degree in engineering and business to have a larger stake in the industry,” Aileen Hu, St Hilda’s School

“Living in Moranbah, I’ve always been surrounded by mines. This experience has solidified my interest in pursuing a trade in electrical and then moving into electrical engineering,” Lexi Croce, Moranbah State High School

“The camp opened a whole new world of opportunities. It was not just about the technical aspects, but also about understanding the sector’s impact on Queensland’s economy and the variety of jobs it supports,” Damarish Robin, Spinifex State College

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