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The Victoria Hotel Hinton is more than a pub, it’s a delicious, delightful and nostalgic experience that you’ll want to do over and over again. 

The sun was beaming, my stomach was grumbling, and boy was I in need of a good feed and bevvy. Here @ The Coalface Magazine we love a pub feed and The Victoria Hotel Hinton is up there with some of the best pub meals out.

Located just 4km from Morpeth, the tiny town of Hinton sits on the banks of the Hunter River. A beautiful rural town full of rich history, it’s definitely worth the visit. One the town’s main attractions is The Victoria Hotel, on the corner of Old Punt Road.

The historic building has been continuously licensed since 1840 and is the oldest remaining pub in the Hunter Valley. A pub that has lasted that long is obviously a pub that’s doing something right. Now licensed under the Victoria Hotel Hinton, you’ll enjoy taking in the historic elements around you.

To start we had the Cob Loaf. That’s right! Cob Loaf! The delectable, Aussie favourite served at backyard parties and family gatherings. Served with a traditional cheesy, bacon and corn filling we couldn’t get enough. My colleague and I could have easily consumed an entire loaf each but alas we had to ensure there was room for our mains. 

I ordered the Chicken Breast topped with avocado and creamy garlic prawns. The chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection and the avocado and garlic prawns added the perfect flavour and texture to each bite. I was in heaven.

ATCF 48 Hinton 1
ATCF 48 Hinton 3

My colleague ordered the Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks in black beer gravy served with seasonal veg and mash. In her words, “the meat is so tender, it’s delicious!”

I had to try the Lamb Shanks for myself and stole a fork full. The black beer gravy was the perfect addition to an already perfectly cooked shank. I went for another fork full but was swatted away by a hungry hand across from me, these dishes are hard to share they are that good.

All dishes, including our entrée and two mains, were extremely generous in size. It felt like we had just sat down to a big home cooked meal. The pub was packed, and our meals still came out in a timely manner and this did not hinder the quality of the food one bit. You can tell that the chefs take pride in each and every dish.

If you’re looking for a menu that’s going to impress the whole family, from kids to grandma and grandpa, then this is the pub for you. 

Book a table at https://www.victoriahotelhinton.com.au

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