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In the world of mining, every day presents a new set of challenges and rewards. For Aaron White, the latest chapter in his mining journey is well worth a read. With over twenty years of experience in the mining industry he’s put pen to paper to show what a job in the real world is like for kids and adults.

“I still work in mining; I love it and will be in it until I retire. At the gold mine, I operate the low loader, rock breaker and 966-wheel loaders,” Aaron shared.

Aaron’s journey began in the vast landscapes of Wodgina in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and spanned sites like the Ellendale Diamond Mine and Ore Body 18 in Dampier.

Yet, it was his role as a father that steered him toward an unexpected career as an author.

“When my son Tyler was 2, I went out to get him a book to show him what I do at work, but there wasn’t any. So, I decided to make him one.”

This led to the creation of ‘Dave the Dump Truck’, a series dedicated to showcasing real-life jobs to children.

“I realised there was a massive lack of Australian books of that kind, so I made Australian Firefighters, Surf Lifesavers, Defence Force Machines, Paramedics, Police and even a Mining Machines colouring book which I illustrated myself.”

Aaron’s foray into literature didn’t stop with children’s books. Inspired by his experiences and the colourful characters he met in FIFO work, he penned the FIFO series under the pseudonym Aaron Weston, offering a grittier, adult perspective on mining life.

“For the FIFO novels I was driving dump trucks at the time… I thought of all the crazy stuff that happened or I heard about when I was doing FIFO and made it into a story that miners would find funny, entertaining and relatable.”

Each character in Aaron’s novels, from the bogan Johnno on the blast crew to George, the stereotypical big Maori dozer operator, are a mosaic of the diverse personalities one encounters in the mining industry. Aaron’s narrative skill shines as he intertwines these characters’ lives.


“Every miner will read the book and think, ‘Oh, that character sounds like a guy or a girl I used to work with.’”

Beyond writing, Aaron has embraced digital platforms to engage with a broader audience. His venture into TikTok and podcasting through ‘The Aaron White Show’, has not only promoted his books but also provided a platform for sharing diverse life stories.

“I started doing TikTok’s to promote my books and then started doing it solely just to entertain people. If you can make one person’s day, then it’s all worth it.”

The feedback from readers and viewers has been rewarding for Aaron. Stories of parents and grandparents using his books to connect with their children, and readers finding joy and laughter in his novels.

“Hearing that the books are their kids’ favourite or how their kids ask for my books to be read to them at bedtime gives me a fantastic feeling knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives.”

Aaron’s story underscores that a career in mining can be a launchpad for diverse pursuits, encouraging individuals to explore their passions beyond the confines of their day jobs. For those inspired by Aaron’s journey from mining to writing, his advice is simple yet powerful.

“If I can do it, so can you.”

You can find Aaron on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/aaronwestonauthor/ or check out the audio version his first FIFO book for free on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFUKrh5WsVs

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