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Female students from Moranbah State High School and Dysart State High School were given the opportunity to participate in a one-day “Tradies for a Day” program on International Women’s Day.

The popular program, designed to provide female students in Year 10 with hands-on experience and knowledge about careers in the minerals and energy sector was facilitated by Phil Moller, a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Project Officer from the Queensland Minerals and Energy Association (QMEA).

QATCF 16.2 Tradies 3

Four female industry representatives from event sponsor BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) also joined the girls to work with them on various activities that showcased the range of trade-based careers available in the industry, many of which continue to be in high demand.

The activities included Auto Electrical, Pneumatic, Mechanical, Drawing, and Virtual Welding exercises.

The program was a great success, and the students gained valuable experience and insight into careers in the minerals and energy sector. The QMEA continues to provide these types of opportunities to students across Queensland, in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue a rewarding career in mining.

QATCF 16.2 Tradies 2
We asked some of the students to share what they took away from the experience. “Tradies for a Day was such an amazing opportunity. It really showed me how the industry has changed and is more open to females. Definitely a career opportunity that I’ll be looking into.” Jada Baggow. “Being given the opportunity to do the Tradies for a Day was a mind-opener to the different pathways in the industrial field and gave me a clear idea of what to expect if I decide to take my future into the pathways of the mining and energy sector.” Emily Crawley. “Tradies for a Day was an awesome opportunity to establish leadership and a clear idea of the varieties of industrial pathways that are available for students to access and gain experience in the workforce.” Jixie Navarro. “Being able to attend the Tradies for a Day was an incredible opportunity, as it opened up various ideas on the different pathways you can take in the industry and it gives so many opportunities for anyone to gain experience in the workforce no matter where they choose.” Naiya Luczynsk.

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