Fire Fighting Miners

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Fire and Rescue NSW has gained 5 hardworking miners over the years at their station in Gunnedah.

When it comes to helping out the community, the fellas at Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), Gunnedah have an absolute passion for it. With a team of 18, 5 of them are miners working for Whitehaven Coal.

David Welsh is a Supervisor/Shotfirer at Maules Creek and Captain of the FRNSW Gunnedah Station, recently hitting 10 years of service for the rescue. “We have a fantastic Station in Gunnedah and a great crew, we are very fortunate,” said David.

“All five of us who work for Whitehaven are very grateful to the company, our mine sites and our Supervisor.”

“They allow us to attend any major emergencies in our local area and abroad, and they also allow us to attend compulsory training when it falls on our normal days of work,” David added.

The station is also proud to have on board Retained Fire Fighter (RFF) Daniel Poss who has 15 plus years of service and also works as an Operator at Tarrawonga. Nick Wild, RFF, has also knocked up 15 years of service and is a Compliance Coordinator at Narrabri Underground.


Operator at Tarrawonga and RFF Jeremy Gallagher is at 15 plus years and Ian Crawford also works with the team as an RFF, with 6 plus years of service, and works as an Underground Operator at Narrabri Underground.

As you can see, these legends have stuck with the service and put the time and years in to help the community and they are absolutely loving it. No more so than former Underground Miner and current Deputy Captain Paul Hartley, the rescues longest serving Firefighter with 45 years of service.

“Most FF’s join FRNSW to help their community, to up-skill themselves, and be part of a professional and respected organisation,” said Captain David.

“We not only attend fires, we are the combat agency for HAZMAT, Rescue, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medical Assists, and do a lot of Community Education and engagement.”

“Most of us are part of ERT crews on site where we can use our skills from FRNSW, and/or compete in Mines Rescue competitions,” David said.

Juggling shifts in the mines with fighting fires and servicing the North West community, these men truly encompass community spirit. Milestone after milestone, the team at Fire and Rescue NSW Gunnedah continue to prove they are professionals with big hearts. Good on you fellas!

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