Fingerling’s release reels in some fun

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Recently, Blackwater locals tackled the annual task of releasing over 96,000 Yellowbelly fingerlings into the Mackenzie River system ahead of the Saratoga Spectacular in October 2023.

This fish release forms part of Yarrabee Coal Mine’s partnership with the Mackenzie River Fish Stocking Association (MRFSA), sponsoring this event for several years. The MRFSA undertake the annual release of the fingerlings to ensure the ecosystem and fish stock numbers remain healthy.

QATCF 14.2 Fish 1

Members from the Yarrabee team were on hand for the release of the Yellowbelly fingerlings along with many other fishing enthusiasts.

Yarrabee Coal Operations Manager, Jeff Hansen, was pleased to support the event.

“Fishing is a fantastic sport that is open to all ages and gets people outdoors and active. We are pleased to help fund events like this that unite a community and bring people together for an entertaining day.

“Releasing the Yellowbelly fingerlings was a great start to what should be a popular and strong competition later in the year, as well as a crucial aspect to the health of the river,” said Jeff.

Sean Taylor, President of the MRFSA, said, “The health and quality of the Mackenzie River, especially at Bedford Weir, allows fish fingerlings such as these Yellowbelly to grow quickly and healthily. Natural flows and fish movements within the river system help distribute the fish throughout the Mackenzie River, including into the Greater Fitzroy River,” said Sean.

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