Empowering the Future of Engineering and Surveying

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Anglo American is committed to nurturing and developing young talent in the mining industry. With their Associate Program, they aim to build technically competent professionals through a consistent, structured learning journey.

The program caters to individuals interested in mining engineering and surveying, providing them with an opportunity to gain practical experience while completing their university studies.

Let’s meet some of the talented individuals who have recently joined Anglo American as part of the Associate Program at Grosvenor, Dawson, Moranbah North, and Capcoal Mines.

ATCF 14.1 Dustan

Dustan Baggow – Grosvenor Mine

With her sights set on completing the Associate Degree in Mining Engineering, Dustan envisions a future where she can leverage her expertise to assist in further mine planning and contribute to the industry’s sustainable growth. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in the mining industry, Dustan’s passion for mining runs in her blood. As an Engineering Associate, Dustan plays a crucial role involved in preparing plans for the layout of the mine and the most appropriate mining techniques, this often involves computer modelling, detailing plans for the locations of cut throughs and headings as well as long walls and travel roads, determining the appropriate safety processes and assessing and mitigating any risks.

“I’ve always felt a deep connection to mining, and being able to pursue a career in this field right here in my hometown is a dream come true. The Associate Program at Anglo American provides me with the perfect platform to enhance my skills and contribute to the industry’s advancement. A highlight for me has been going underground and experiencing what underground mining life is all about. Coming from a family of open cut workers, I am the first to work at an underground mine. Underground mining is something that cannot be explained in words but instead must be experienced with your own eyes to really understand what it is.”

ATCF 14.1 Croydon

Croydon Sutton – Grosvenor Mine

Croydon is an Associate Surveyor at Grosvenor Mine, who demonstrates a passion for his work and a drive to succeed. Coming from Moura, Croydon enjoys working on cars in his spare time. Embracing the opportunity to put his CAD (computer aided design) skills to use, Croydon is excited about his journey as an Associate. He appreciates the supportive and professional environment at Grosvenor.

“Everyone here is super supportive, and I am fortunate to work with an amazing team. The professionalism and camaraderie motivate me to excel in my role.”

ATCF 14.1 Tiger

Tiger Irvine – Dawson Mine

Tiger, an Associate Mining Engineer at Dawson Mine, has come full circle in his career path. After initially studying an engineering degree at university in Brisbane for a year, Tiger returned to his hometown of Thangool to pursue the Associate Program. As part of the truck and shovel team, Tiger is involved in creating, communicating and implementing designs that are relevant to shovels, trucks, excavators. The team has many high-tech resources at hand to monitor the mines progress.

“I am learning the basics of mine design and planning. It is great to see the planning and designs being carried out in real-time. Every day brings new challenges, and I am excited to learn and contribute to the technical services team.”

ATCF 14.1 Rungano
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Rungano Makuwerere – Moranbah North Mine

As an Associate Mining Engineer at Moranbah North Mine, Rungano brings a diverse background to his role. Originally from Zimbabwe, Rungano has worked in various fields, including as a mental health clinician. Relocating to Australia, Rungano seized the opportunity to align with Anglo American’s vision of reimagining mining. Excited about the impact mining has on people’s lives, Rungano expresses his eagerness to grow and learn new skills within a supportive and diverse environment.

“Witnessing collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking within the team has been a highlight. A united workforce ensures a safe and efficient operating environment.”

ATCF 14.1 Ryan

Ryan Van Vuuren – Capcoal Open Cut Mine

Ryan, an Associate Mining Engineer, embarked on a remarkable career transition. With a background in teaching, Ryan pursued his passion for engineering by enrolling in an engineering degree while working full-time. Recognising the potential of the Associate Program, Ryan joined Anglo American to further his knowledge and contribute to the mining industry. Ryan’s excitement lies in the diverse avenues within mining and the continuous learning opportunities.

“No day is the same, and with every change comes new challenges. The steep learning curve has been a highlight for me, and I am grateful for the incredible support from my team.”

Anglo American’s Associate Program continues to attract talented individuals who are passionate about engineering and surveying. Dustan, Croydon, Tiger, Rungano, and Ryan exemplify the program’s commitment to nurturing the future workforce of the mining industry. With their dedication, diverse backgrounds, and strong work ethics, these associates are poised to make significant contributions to the operations at Grosvenor, Dawson, Moranbah North, and Capcoal Mines. Anglo American’s commitment to providing a structured learning journey ensures that these associates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers while helping shape the future of mining.

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