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Complete Parts and Equipment have made a huge commitment to the futures of 12 lucky individuals. Hiring 12 apprentices is a major commitment to the future of the company and the region.

@ The Coalface regularly writes about and promotes the value of apprentice and training programs and it’s not often we see a business take on such a large intake of apprentices in one go. It’s a great demonstration of Complete Parts commitment to the region and to the people who live here.

Talking about the company’s newest Boilermakers, Auto Electricians and Plant Mechanics in the making, CEO Sean Dyson was clear about the seriousness of his company’s commitment.

“There are plenty of jobs on offer in mining at the moment, but the opportunity to start your career alongside the best doesn’t come along every day,” said Sean.

“Complete Parts and Equipment’s commitment is to give these 12 people the highest-level skills in the industry. Doing so not only gives them the best chance for a successful career, but also allows us to continue our vision of excellence and the highest levels of customer support and service.”

Seeing the evolution of Complete Parts over the last few years we are far from surprised at their latest move. They have become one of the industry leaders for, well, taking the lead. They have the kind of commitment and resolve to deliver well beyond what they say they will do.

With the Hunter Valley looking set to be an industrial powerhouse well into the future, not just in mining, but in diversified heavy industry, these lucky 12 now have the opportunity to become a part of that future. The company has added a Plant Mechanic in their Mackay, Queensland base as well.

Complete Parts are tremendously proud of their local roots and heritage, and these new roles that are employing locally based talent will see the community connection they have only strengthen. 

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